Marketing StrategyMobile technology is penetrating our lives more and more each day. Change is constant and with change is the need for faster service, better quality product/service offerings and a better experience for your clients. My question for you is, “Are you trying to figure it all out first, before you start any projects?” Right now, I see this particular topic is driving my thoughts and actions.

Companies are trying all kinds of things

People can make decisions wherever they are at. Information can be accessed in minutes. Purchases can be made 24×7. In a sense business is now open 24 hours a day, (somewhere). Imagine if you could have your car worked on while you sleep and pick it up in the morning. My guess is if you live in a big city, someplace is already doing this. Ten years ago, would we have believed that Taco Bell would deliver food to our homes. Ordering groceries online and picking them up on your way home from work or having them delivered to your home.

Companies must figure out how to make their service better everyday

Do you run an online business? Imagine if your server is down for 3 days in a row. Would this impact your business? Think about restaurants for a moment. What restaurant does not have public wi-fi access available? When someone submits a question on your “Contact Us” page, how long does it take for you to get back to answer that person’s question?

Are companies able to find your company, online, through social media, by word-of-mouth. How do people hear about your company? Is your company still a big secret?

Here are the questions I am wrestling with

  • How can we create a mobile experience with a brick and mortar environment?
  • Am I setup to receive purchases/transactions online, 24×7? (Is it a great experience for clients?)
  • Do I need to look at client support from a 24×7 point of view? (What are the risks if I don’t)
  • How can I build and manage a team based on service response times?
  • How can I get people to buy into a vision where clients are active 24×7 and we need to be more in the loop?
  • How do incorporate mobile technology more into my own marketing and client service teams? (Improved Communication is always a goal/concern)
  • B2B service- Companies are selling off and merging with other companies. How can I foster a sustaining business relationship that can work through these type of circumstances that seem to be occurring on a more consistent basis.

Here are some items I have learned in 2015

  • Improved Client Service – This needs to be the objective of any future marketing campaign: online or off-line. Get this right and you will see a huge return ROI.
  • Need to develop more simple processes – Make a list of current processes in your company and see where improvements can be made.
  • Process improvement changes – The quickest improvements are not made through technology, but with the right people.

Speed and Multiplicity (What should we be doing RIGHT NOW!)

Change is occurring everyday. Each day, advances need to be made in the area of serving clients. When the focus turns to client service, it becomes more than just a marketing initiative. It takes a new culture with strong leaders at all levels to make this process work. In addition, clients are demanding our services more from a 24×7 standpoint. Unfortunately, multiplicity from one person is not an option in this environment. It takes a team.

It is going to take some creativity, new innovation with communication and a high level of commitment to succeed in the future. Marketing can no longer be looked at as an isolated project. In this current environment, marketing is looking more and more like “communications and experience.” To improve communications and experiences for your internal and external clients will take on a new type of action and culture where companies will need to constantly reinvent themselves and work closer with all levels of their companies.

In addition, you need to listen closer than ever to your clients and understand their needs and direction. Particularly their direction. Companies are looking toward mergers and acquisitions to better grow their businesses. This is one approach. If you want to be a part of the discussion to serve these type of clients, you need to have a better understanding of what is happening.