SoMoLo (Social, Mobile, Local) Marketing is Top Digital Trend

I write a monthly column for Neal Shaeffer’s Windmill Networking blog. Initially, my write-ups focused on the topic of integrating social into marketing. Recently, Neal and I decided that I should shift my writing focus on a new area called SoMoLo, or Social Mobile Local. You may have seen the acronym used either as a hashtag on Twitter, or perhaps you have read about it in a blog post.

I have been interested in this topic for some time.

SoMoLo Puts Consumers at the Center

The real power behind the SoMoLo concept is connecting with consumers where social, mobile and local intersect. At this critical point, you find consumers actively seeking, searching, sharing, and shopping. Engaging consumers effectively in this space requires a new mindset.

Cultivating desirable consumer behaviors that make a difference requires: SoMoLo

  • A consumer first focus resulting in a consistent experience across all touchpoints
  • Internal colleague alignment
  • A culture of collaboration and cooperation
  • Relevant content
  • Integrated marketing communications utilizing all appropriate marketing channels
  • Listening and responding to internal and external stakeholders
  • Marketing Assets that are optimized for local search

Don’t Miss Local Marketing Opportunities

You may have heard the term hyper-local. This refers to a very targeted local message tailored to a consumer’s interest and location. Hyper-local marketing strategies are already impacting the consumer experience; for example, I receive daily email communications from Amazon with specific offers for the Richmond area where I live.

According to Marketing Charts, 1 in 2 National brands are planning on spending more on local marketing next year.

There is a real opportunity for small businesses to take advantage of this mobile driven trend; however, the advantage may be short-lived for owners and managers who take a wait-and-see approach.

So, how should you get the local marketing ball rolling? Here are a 6 suggestions to get you started:

  1. Create a map of all touchpoints where customers can interact with your company, be sure to include offline and online places.
  2. Claim your local space, make it easier for customers to find you and your content.
  3. Optimize online marketing assets so search engines can locate your content, this will probably require technical expertise.
  4. Make sure your web presence is mobile friendly. View your website from a smartphone or a tablet.
  5. Start listening to online chatter about your company, product or service, competition. There are free tools like Social Mentions or Google Alerts.
  6. Experiment with Location Based Services like Foursquare.

What other ways can you build your local marketing strategy?

Focusing on your local target is just one component of developing your SoMoLo strategy. Look for future posts with tips on social and mobile components.