Not everyone is a software engineer or an MIT grad, not even your own marketers. However, is that really an obstacle to finding effective users? Perhaps not.

Think of it like this: you’re an alien who stumbles upon a backward planet. The inhabitants may not understand exactly how your spaceship works but push enough buttons…

This kind of trope is a really useful perspective when marketing real business tech. It’s not about giving them an entire course on computer science. It’s more like teaching them which button to press and everything starts there.

An affinity for technology doesn’t need six years of study and a master’s degree. It’s simply transferring knowledge that will directly prove useful to the businesses integrating it. Here’s one way you can start with marketing:

  • Understand basic needs – Like the phone, the wheel, and the steam engine. Software addresses a basic need. Use telemarketing or online surveys to discover what little problems prospects find the most time-consuming.
  • Do a ‘point and shoot’ – Simplicity is the key to this sort of education. Avoid acting like the typical movie scientist that first blathers on about what your company creates. Instead, just tell them what to do and demonstrate how that gets them what they’re looking for.
  • Show advance courses – Not all students are the same. Some are content knowing what they need to organize their accounting information. Others would like to know what else you can offer and if there are any more advanced techniques to go with the features.
  • Speak their language – This goes well with simplicity. Understand their own jargon and terminology instead of piling on their own. Don’t just let them learn from you but look for opportunities to learn from them.
  • Give incentives – Marks of mastery can be very motivating. Look up ways you can measure an organization’s performance with your technology. Make sure it’s accurate so you can give new customers a reason to be as good as your best ones.

Uncovering an unlikely penchant for tech isn’t so unlikely when you see that tech from the eyes of simpler cultures. Adopt this perspective for your marketing and see what else you might uncover.