Businesses and marketers have always be torn between using different marketing channels, constantly weighing up the pros and cons, they never seem to be able to find the complete perfect marketing method.

Emails can look great, beautiful images, eye catching headings, big call to action buttons and reasonably cheap. Tick. However after you spend time and effort carefully crafting your emails and send them, the celebratory balloons slowly start to go down when you see the poor open and response rates. With so many spam emails sent every single day, our junk and spam folders have evolved into highly sophisticated email detectives, showing no mercy as they quickly direct any marketing emails off to our junk folders.

2.4 Million emails are sent every second
Source: Radicati Group

And with the sheer number of emails we all receive everyday, the novelty has worn off… We have seen it all before, we have become immune to the thousands of emails we receive, so we delete them without a care or even a second glance.

The average office worker receives 121 emails each day
Source: Radicati Group

So many businesses and marketeers have shifted towards SMS marketing, the open rates are amazing and the response rates are fantastic. Big tick.

The mobile phone is such a personal device, it never leaves our side and we have this obsession with it where we yearn to be contacted via our mobile phones, which only feeds the fantastic open and response rates.

SMS open rates 98% – SMS response rates 45%
Source: Gartner

However SMS marketing does have it’s drawbacks, no images and a limited number of characters means the messages have to be very carefully sculpted and to the point, meaning they don’t quite contain the excitement and glamour that an email can.

But now is there an answer? A mixture of the two that can cure and create the perfect mobile marketing channel… Well SMS Web Pages are certainly hoping to be just that.

What actually is an SMS Web Page?
It’s a landing page that is sent via a link in an SMS text message. So the landing page is purposely built and designed for our mobile phones.

This means you get the great response and open rates from SMS, but you also get to apply that with your beautiful images and attention-grabbing headlines. It’s a win-win.

So far they are fully being utilized by the retail/ecommerce and food industries, as they are perfect for selling any products.

Although being a relatively new marketing channel we are starting to see case stories and success stories across the web where a huge number of clicks and great numbers of responses are happening. Read a business case study here

So for your next campaign try and SMS Web Page – it might well be the perfect marketing channel you are looking for.