SMS-marketing-list-growthAre you a business owner looking to build your SMS marketing list? Having a nice, healthy list of customers to market to is the one and only way that you will be successful. It is not enough, however, to simply get these names and add them to a list. Customers must want to engage with your brand, and making this happen is as easy as keeping them interested in what you have to offer. Without this step you will lose customers, and those who are on your marketing list are likely to opt out of it. So, what can you do as a business owner to not only keep the names you have on your list, but to ensure they are happy customers?

If you’re seeing more opt outs, or if your return isn’t that great, it could be one of the following causing your troubles.

  1. Where are your SMS marketing ads placed? It is essential that you place these banners near registers, by the door and other places that are easy for customers to see. If you are not seeing a lot of new names being added to the marketing list, perhaps the reason is that they are unaware that your program exists. There are plenty of ways to continue growing your SMS marketing list. You need to be creative and experiment to find out what works for your business.
  2. Are employees helping in your efforts? Without team work things are not going to turn out as good as they could have been. Make sure that the team is all involved with the push of the SMS marketing program.
  3. What kind of incentive are you offering for those who join? This is the key to successful SMS marketing. A nice incentive should be offered. This will entice more people to join your marketing list, and help put more money in your hands as the end result.
  4. Are your Offers valuable?

Consumers will stick around only if they feel that are getting a good deal. So, make sure that you send valuable offers with every single text message that you send to someone who is on your list. The better the offer, the more the consumer will appreciate what you are doing for them. There are many ways that text message marketing can be used to provide consumers with value. Mix it up and you will see consumers who can’t wait to hear from you!

It takes a combination of thee things to make for a successful text marketing program.  It takes enthusiasm from everyone on the team, willingness to go the extra mile and more to make SMS marketing work. But, with little efforts it is an inexpensive way that you can get a large customer base and drive more profits your way.