Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of going to see the Broadway musical “Chicago.”

I’ve seen the show before (a LONG time ago) as well as the movie and enjoy the music, the singing and the incredible talent that gets showcased during amazing performances..

What was different this time around?

Well, pretty much everything – the sets, the costumes… but the biggest difference was the lead character.

Roxy Hart was played by a very famous Japanese actress named Ryoko Yonekura. A brilliant marketing move on the part of the show’s producers or marketing team.

The summer in New York City is one of the few times where things seem to slow down and calm down a bit. A lot of the ‘regular’ inhabitants head out of town for the weekend, many more take vacations, so you can get a seat at local restaurants that are usually packed, you can fit on a 6 train during rush hour in the morning… well, you get the idea.

So, Broadway sees a little less action too. Sure, there are a lot of tourists in town, and some will spring for a show, but a lot of them won’t.

Unless, of course, they’re coming to NYC from Japan and one of their most famous actresses is performing ON BROADWAY!

The house was JAM PACKED, and my guess is well over 60% of the audience were visitors from Japan.

If you were to think outside of the box on how to ‘fill your audience’ in the quieter months of summer, what could you do to spice things up?