Strong slogans are a staple of many of today’s biggest brands and businesses. The dominance of mac books in your local Starbucks is testament to the strength of Apple’s ‘Think Different’. And the fact that Starbucks continues to be the busiest global coffee chain owes some thanks to its ‘life happens over coffee’ slogan. Then there’s the caffeine-crazed fitness enthusiasts pounding pavements with Nike’s motivating ‘Just Do It’ motto running through their heads.

In many cases, a slogan leaves something of a legacy for a company. So you shouldn’t take yours lightly. Which is precisely why Stratton Craig turns to Sesame Street to illustrate our point…

A is for Articulate. Your customers see hundreds of advertising campaigns every single day, so generic claims to superiority won’t fly. Don’t tell us ‘you’re the best in the business’. Show us. Articulate it. Pinpoint the reason you’re different from the competition and capitalise on it with words.

For example, FedEx provides same-day tracked deliveries when its competitors can’t. They’ve captured their unique offering in the slogan ‘When there is no tomorrow’, spelling out their difference to that busy person who needs their services right now.

Honesty goes the distance, too. Avis recognises its inferior position in the European car hire market and turns it into a persuasive slogan: ‘We’re No. 2, so we try harder.’

B is for Brevity. It’s no surprise that brief slogans are easier to remember, so get to the point quickly. The most successful slogans have less than eight words. We’ve already mentioned ‘Think Different’ by Apple, but there’s also ‘Make Believe’ by Sony and ‘Challenge Everything’ by EA.  The original two-word ‘Drink Coca-Cola’ slogan also got the world’s most prominent fizzy drink off to a good start. And who doesn’t love the sentimental Mastercard commercials? They’ve gone one step further with a one-word whopper: ‘Priceless’.

C is for Clever. Everyone knows that ‘kids and grown-ups love it so’ refers to ‘the happy world of Haribo!’ Sadly Haribo boss Hans Riegel passed away this week, leaving a legacy of a £1.6 billion sweets business with a catchy slogan you just can’t get out of your head.

But you don’t need rhymes to rival a rapper; your slogan just needs to stick. Evocative phrases that conjure positive emotions can be just as effective as a perfect rhythm. Visa’s ‘It’s everywhere you want to be’ transports the audience to the holiday destination of their dreams. ‘Share moments. Share life’ brings prospective Kodak-buyers’ loved ones to mind. Levi’s ‘Quality never goes out of style’ assuages shoppers’ guilt and turns passing trends on their heads. Yes, catchy’s good, but clever’s better.