improve writing skills for content marketingWell, I’m glad we all got to step one together — that’s identifying that writing is not your strong suit. Don’t be ashamed. Not everyone is born a writer, just like not everyone is born to be a stud with numbers. The truth is, you don’t have to fake it; you can get better.

One of the most important elements of Inbound Marketing is creating and promoting valuable content that attracts prospects and showcases your expertise. Positioning yourself as an industry leader comes from years of hard earned knowledge. And sharing that knowledge is the key to bringing in business with Inbound Marketing. But what happens when you’re the weak link to your own content writing strategy?

Best Case Scenario: You’re surrounded by excellent writers.

Even if you have writers capable of quality AND quantity, you’ll still be asked to write occasionally — because you’ve gotten to the position you’re in by being good at something. The people asking you to write want you to share all that knowledge. Is it blog writing you’re struggling with? Well, we’ve got those topics covered for you. A little reading material may spark some ideas:

Are you known for your bad grammar or spelling? A style guide is very helpful in picking the right words to compose your prose. Popular stylebooks include the AP Stylebook, Purdue Online Writing Lab (Purdue OWL) or The Gregg Reference Manual. Style manuals should address the finer areas of your writing.

Once you’ve gotten the basis of what you want to say on paper (or typed on your computer), hand off your work to another set of eyes for editing or collaborating.

Another scenario: Your coworkers aren’t much better at writing than you are.

The good news? All is not lost. Now’s the time to reach out to your network. Hop on LinkedIn and cash in on a favor. Most likely, if you plan enough ahead of time, a question such as, “Will you look over this for next week?” won’t be ignored. Consider it an encouraged distraction.

Yet another: You and writing are like oil and water.

You’re probably in need for a little assistance in this case. We’ve got the tools and strategies to help get your thoughts on paper. Our Content Creation Templates help with getting organized to write for Inbound Marketing. Ideas will develop as you strategically look at the positioning and competitive advantages you hold. Identifying these gives you added power to reach your target and address their pain points.

Still not sure? Reach out to us for some help! Shout at us on Twitter at @WeidertGroup and we’ll get back to you the same business day. I promise. Remember, writing takes time and if you know it’s not your strong suit, give yourself time to work on perfecting it.

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