Successful Webinars

We’ve already discussed why webinars are a useful lead generation tool, but we haven’t talked about what makes a good webinar – one that will actually generate the results you need.

It’s one thing for your audience to read an interesting guide, it’s another for them to hear the information live from the person who created it. That’s why webinars can be so useful in building your business: they help potential customers get to know you and your expertise, fostering long-term relationships between them and your brand.

The mechanics of a successful webinar include:

Use top-notch technology that works

There’s nothing worse than the feed cutting out or the audio going haywire in the middle of an important presentation. Test webinar providers until you find one you’re comfortable will work when you need it to.

Send out strategic invitations and reminders

When is the best time to start promoting your webinar? Consider a time that’s not too far in advance (don’t want guests to forget) but gives you enough time to build a big enough audience and promote it to as many people as possible. Approximately 2-4 weeks may be a good idea, but it depends on the content of your webinar and who you are trying to reach. If appropriate, ask your attendees to invite their friends and colleagues too.

Once someone registers, give them the option to add your event to their calendars and then send reminders the day before, and the day of, to bolster attendance. You can even send a reminder email 5-10 minutes before the start time suggesting the guests join the webinar then.

Prepare an engaging presentation – and practice it

Consider what you can add to your presentation to make it memorable and interesting. What out-of-the-box ideas can you come up with? How can you frame your topic with personal stories and anecdotes to make it come alive? Make sure you’re concise enough to keep the presentation moving while still including the pertinent information. You can always offer to answer questions at the end or after the webinar.

We recommend preparing a script or mapping out the key points but not reading directly from the script. Practice so you know what’s coming and which lines you prefer, but ensure that it all sounds natural by speaking generally off the cuff.

Create interesting accompanying visuals

Combining audio and visuals are what make webinars unique. What types of media can you use? Audio or video recordings, live stream, animations, or interactive elements such as polling?

Use chat functions to your advantage

Consider the following: do you want to have a very transparent and open conversation with everyone or prefer to limit the communication, allowing only private chat between attendees and host? If you are hosting a Q&A session, would you like everyone to be able to view the questions, or would you like to vet them first? You may also think about sharing supplemental files via the chat function of your webinar.

Work with a collaborator or influencer if you can

Bring in an expert to boost your webinar’s status and value for your attendees. They will be more likely to attend – and stay engaged – if a high-profile person from your industry is involved. You may also be able to leverage their existing audience if their fans choose to attend and share the event as well.

Provide a bonus

Can you offer a discount code or extra content to attendees who stay until the end of the webinar? You may find that drop off decreases during the event if you include an exclusive offer.

Prepare properly and your webinar will help you connect with customers and prospects in a meaningful way. Are you ready to get started? You too can host an effective webinar if you think through the elements outlined above. Now it’s your turn!