Learning to share is crucial.

Did your Mummy teach you to share?

Here’s hoping she did because in the new world of marketing on the web, sharing is key. When I started working at Bluewire Media the first thing I noticed was how much “stuff” they gave away — I’m talking seriously helpful information, expert knowledge and wisdom, practical advice and guidance on all things web, just given away. Free! I don’t know about you but I thought I was living in a world where nothing comes for free.

Here is the conversation that repeated regularly in my first few weeks until it sunk into my thick skull.

“Great information, how much to buy it?”

“Nothing, it’s a free download.”

“You’re kidding?”

“No, we’re serious.”

Building trust online

This cynical old bird had to recheck her attitude. Seems you can get something for nothing. As potential clients come to realise the same thing, they will begin to trust your business. Trust is priceless for a business-client relationship— it simply can’t be bought. Welcome to the brave new world of web marketing. You really can create a meaningful relationship online with your potential clients — seems cyber space doesn’t preclude intimate emotions such as trust and respect.

Remarkable content for free

The client is no longer some passive entity that you approach and pitch to. Rather, they are active participants on the web usually seeking a conversation with prospective business partners. For you to stand out in the crowd you need to reciprocate that request for engagement. Spark a conversation, continue a conversation, solve problems and provide solutions for your prospective clients. You do this by giving some things away. How can a prospective client know if you are trustworthy or know what you are talking about without evidence? The courage to give away some of your expertise for free, and provide remarkable and useful content on your website, is the way to your clients heart. That e-book they are downloading for free right now may well be the beginning of a very beautiful relationship.

Convert trust into sales

Obviously finally you want to convert the trust into sales and profit for your business. This happens naturally as you build trust and the relationship improves. Thanks to the initial sharing of knowledge for free, you earn yourself the position to sell premium intellectual property. Here at Bluewire we give plenty of free information but for our premium IP releases, like our DIY Web Strategy Toolkit, the client must part with some cash. Just today a team of us have been putting the final touches on our DIY Website Blueprint Toolkit, all part of our premium IP. Keep an eye out for its upcoming release.

What do you think? Has the provision of remarkable content and free information improved your client relationships?