Marketing-Press-EinsteinJune 1st is a milestone day for us at Marketing Press. Today is the date that we set forward and (forcefully) left the ranks of the employed back into the entrepreneurial world to the business iteration that is known as Marketing Press.

It has been a fun road, and I want to thank all of the great clients we’ve worked with over the years. Thank you.

Secondly, I want to share what I’ve learn along the way and thank the people who have helped us grow and grow.

(These are in no particular order of importance since they are all important points etc.)

  • Measure Everything: I’ve learned this working side by side my compadres of the VUURR / Levers team. Whether it’s marketing, development or running a business — everything that can be measured should be measured. Measure the little things, because these are the things that you can change quickly, and make an impact.
  • The Money Is In The Message: Thanks to Susan Baier of Audience Audit for making us understand that your brand messaging has the influence on your designated audience. The right message to your ideal set of demographics is how you can get your brand noticed and grow a business (both your own business and assist your clients with growth.)
  • Question The Status Quo: Just because things have always been done in a certain way doesn’t make it correct. Question procedures. Challenge beliefs. March to a different tune. Marketing Press is proud of its affiliation with the collaborative workspace Gangplank. Thank you for giving us a home, allowing our brand to its own, and pushing us forward.
  • Don’t Believe The Hype: No matter how good you are at one thing someone may always be better. Stay in tune with the pursuit of progress since perfection is a myth.
  • The Devil Is In The Details: Working with great clients like Jay Baer and the Convince and Convert team allowed us an inside view of how a world class agency run their operations. Never think that something is too small to matter, because your audience (potentially) can see everything. Take care of all the small things and see how and where that takes you.
  • When Projects Go Wrong It Is Your Fault: I’ve been fired from a handful of projects in the last four-years. It’s never a great moment, but it’s a learning lesson. Every time, with one exception, it was my fault. I let things get out of hand. We refused to make the client follow our agreed upon process. The project went off track and things ended. Yes, some people are crazy. Yes, you can’t save everyone. But it’s still on you (me).
  • Take Care of Yourself: This is something I knew, but it got lost. Make sure you take care of your own physical and mental well-being before anything else. (Thank you to Kristina and my personal trainer Andrew Hangartner of Alpha Elite Fitness for keeping me on track.)

Thank you everyone for a four great years. We are looking forward to many more years of developing WordPress sites for you and consulting you on your Digital Marketing needs.