You may choose not to admit it, but whether it be the distressing videos on “You’ve Been Framed”, your Dad’s dodgy dancing or cringeworthy marketing campaigns, everyone gains a little pleasure in seeing people embarrass themselves.

That’s is why we are so thankful for the YouTube generation. Every minute there is 100 hours of video uploaded and a significant percentage of this is pure comedy gold.

To cheer you up on this dreary Friday afternoon we have selected six video marketing campaigns which are so cringe-worthy you can’t help but love them.

You are very welcome.


Coming in at number 7 we have the “Bing is for Doing” campaign. This particular episode sees a marriage proposal in the form of a flash mob. There’s no doubt that the gesture is very romantic but it is still an absolute cringe-fest.


Do you recognise the name Marina Shifrin? If you can’t remember her name you’ll no doubt remember her dance moves.

She is the girl who quit her job at the end of September through an interpretive dance video. Turns out the company she worked for, NMA, were not intent on letting her have the last word. Their video response is just … well, see for yourself:


Now, we are actually going to promote one of our competitors here.

We’ll just let the video do the talking:


It’s pretty clear the staff at HubSpot are not camera shy. This is just one in a series of questionable videos and you’ve got to love their enthusiasm!

Although we do have to question why digital companies are so obsessed with impersonating rappers. Anyone got any ideas?


We don’t know what’s more disturbing: the overflowing toilet, or the strange techno music.


This is pretty shocking, and we definitely expected more from Katy Perry. Just …no.


Are you ready for the finale? We can’t quite believe that this tradition has been made public, we challenge you to watch the video to the end:

Have you seen any marketing campaigns that make you cringe? Share them in the comments!