Have you ever seen an advertisement that has really caught your attention for a product, which may be completely insignificant to you? Marketing Colors

Have you wondered what is it about this product or seen a product sitting on a shelf that just said to you, “Buy me?”

We live in a world of mass consumption and all of us as consumers have had this happen at one time or another.

The truth of the matter is that there is a science to advertising and understanding how the human brain interprets color and reacts to colors.

Advertisers use this information in planning advertising campaigns to maximize the response from consumers.


In the RBG model, red has the longest wavelength, which makes it a very powerful color.

Red is an explosive color that really hits your eye and grabs your attention immediately.

In fact, the color red has been scientifically proven to stimulate a faster heartbeat and increasing respiration rate in humans.

When red is used as an accent color, it is meant to stimulate shoppers and drive them to make impulse buys.


These are all headlines we have seen that are encouraging us to do something at that exact moment and most of them are in a giant, bold typeface that is bright red.marketing-red

What do companies like Wawa, Giant, Costco, Wendy’s and Pizza Hut have in common?

Aside from their obvious connection to the food industry, they all use red in their logos. And this is not by chance.

Red has the psychological effect of making people feel hungry.

This is a reason food retailers of all sorts make sure to brand their product in red!

Next time you are browsing your local grocery store try to see how many products you find on the shelf with a bright red label or packaging.

All of these reasons make red a very powerful and reliable ally when trying to make your product stand out amongst the rest.


The color green is a very non-threatening color, often associated with nature and prosperity.

Many products that are advertised as all natural, eco friendly or organic will use the color green in their logo or packaging.

Is it any coincidence that when buying vegetables you are always assured quality when buying from the Green Giant?marketing-green

How about buying a household cleaning product with less harmful chemicals and more eco friendly ingredients that happens to be named Green Works?

Financial institutions use green as a primary color to give consumers a sense of confidence knowing they are investing in a company that is protecting their investments and offering them financial stability and growth.

Green can be used to represent safety and tell a consumer when it is safe to go.

When something receives a green check mark it is telling the consumer it is the right choice and that it is safe to use.

You probably would be less inclined to buy a product with a large, red X on the packaging.

Imagine seeing a cereal box with a large, red X in the Smart Choices Program logo.

Would you be more or less interested in the cereal?marketing-blue


Blue is a color used to denote elegance, intelligence, serenity and tranquility. Blue has been shown to slow metabolism and have a calming effect in humans, which is why it is generally avoided when promoting food.

People often associate blue with cleanliness and smoothness. This correlation is why you see goods such as cleaning products, refreshing drinks and toiletry items using the color blue in either their logo or packaging.

Blue is also associated with a connection with nature.

This is why airlines and travel agencies stick to using blue in their advertisements. A scenic picture of someone sitting on a beach in the Caribbean or a plane soaring throw the clouds to some exotic getaway engages the consumer and makes them yearn for such travel.marketing-yellow


Yellow is bright, vibrant color, which is used to produce a warming effect, arouse cheerfulness and stimulate mental activity.

This is why yellow is a favorite amongst beauty products. Skin creams, lotions and sunscreens incorporate yellow into their packaging.

Yellow also has a youthful, playfulness, which can be seen on products intended for a younger audience.

The brightness and eye-catching ability of yellow is the reason taxi services use them as their primary color.


Orange is a warm, energetic shade of red. Orange has been shown to increase oxygen supply to the brain and stimulate mental activity.

That being said, it is no surprise that Stream Companies’ color scheme and motto are “Viva La Orange.”marketing-orange


Finally, looking at black. Black is a color, which can have many connotations.

From luxury, power, prestige to simplicity and sophistication, black is more used as a symbol of attitude.

You will need your finest suit and car if you are going to be in attendance of the black tie event.

This use of black is synonymous with luxury and power.

Most advertisers have a black label line of their product to differentiate itself from the ordinary.

Why drink Johnny Walker when you as a prestigious person can drink Johnny Walker Black. This is the more sophisticated Scotch Whiskey.

This is merely a glimpse into the science that is how color triggers a Pavlovian response for the consumer. marketing-black

Product manufacturers have broken down marketing strategies into the science of stimulating your brain and getting a response simply by using color as their weapon.

Try challenging yourself the next time you are out and try examining advertisements, products packaging or labels to see if the colors used do invoke a reaction and what reaction you get.