helloolly / Pixabay

Today I want to talk to you about how you can turn a customer’s Smartphone – the thing they’re always looking at whether walking, driving, talking, having dinner, etc., – into new and continuous business for you.

There are three things I want to talk about: (1) Using location-based social media ads to drive people to your business, (2) Using text message marketing to bring existing customers back to your business, and (3) Getting people to actively share their experiences while enjoying your particular business in real-time on their Smartphones, give reviews, etc. So, let’s take a look at these in a bit more detail.

First, let’s look at how you can use location-based ads on social media. Let’s say you’re a restaurant, for example, and you want to offer a deal from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Friday to people within a half mile of your restaurant. You can use social media to drive people who have those existing apps on their phones into your restaurant. Then, they simply show you the special offer they saw on their phone and make the purchase. Check-in deals are another great offer to promote. So, if you’re a business that benefits from location-based advertising, use social media to target those customers and get them in the door. There’s a variety of promotional ideas that can be used.

Next, let’s look at text message marketing which has been around for a while. Most people check their phone immediately when it vibrates or beeps and read the text. I was just having a meeting yesterday with a prospective client at a restaurant/coffee shop. Every 10 seconds his phone was beeping and he was looking at his messages. You want to take advantage of that predictable behavior with text message marketing to your existing customers, as well as the location-based marketing on the social media front. You can use your social media ads too. Combining these methods will help you really get the maximum results.

Finally, something that’s often overlooked is the ability to use those Smartphones to gather good reviews, right away, while the customer is still in your restaurant or place of business. You simply ask them, show them how to do it, and you will get a review right on the spot.

Those reviews help with social media engagement, local search engine optimization and acquiring new customers who appreciate and trust the reviews from others coming into your business. They also keep you and your staff on your toes. If you don’t do a good job or your staff provides poor service, customer complaints become very valuable as well, allowing you to address and correct the problem. It’s like another set of eyes and ears helping to ensure that you deliver the quality you promise and customers expect.

So, embrace the Smartphone! Don’t try to fight it like so many businesses have done in the past. Use it to your advantage. Use it with location-based ads. Use it with text advertising, text reminders, etc. Combine it with social media and email marketing. And then work it – be there, watch, listen, interact, and hopefully enjoy the process. And eventually, get them to give reviews.