Today I want to talk to you about how easily you can get more perfect customers for your small business. We all know while getting customers can be expensive, there are some easier ways than others to do it. I just want to talk about three of them today.

The first is introduce yourself to surrounding businesses, and offer them a chance to try what you have and even be aware that you exist. I wrote an article once about this Italian ice place around an area that opened up. I went to the dentist, asked them if they had been approached by anybody at the business across the street.

They didn’t know about it, though it was right across the street. When I went over to the ice place they said, “No. We hadn’t done that.” That place is no longer in business, but they probably could have done themselves a good favor by just going around and introducing themselves to their surrounding businesses.

The second thing is describing your best client or customer for your small business and look for some attributes, and get a list of people that will meet those attributes. Those aren’t too hard to do. Once you identify them you can pretty much find anything out there, a list that matches most of those things. Think about that. We can always help you with that if you don’t know of a place to do that.

The third thing is looking for natural partners, and pretty much align yourself with them and help them out. A natural partner is somebody who does something complimentary to what you offer.

Build those relationships up, get those natural partners aligned. Help them out. You may have to do a lot more giving before you receive.

Once again introduce yourself to the surrounding businesses, describe your best client and find more of those types of clients. The third thing is look for natural partners and interact with them, refer business to them, and do things that you can to help them grow their businesses and you’ll get something back.