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Pumpkin Spice Everything

Ah, pumpkin spice season. Temperatures slowly start to drop and the lines at Starbucks begin to grow longer as the pumpkin spice latte makes its seasonal debut. Take a moment to think about branding the next time you are standing in line for a latte this fall. There is a lot to learn from the way Starbucks markets their pumpkin spice latte. The coffee company has even established their own Twitter account for “fall’s official beverage.” Knowing one’s buyer persona and where to reach to them can make your seasonal marketing strategy more effective.

Go Ahead, Add The Whip

The Starbucks team found a creative way through social media to promote a latte in order to differentiate themselves from competitors. Figure out what your product or service’s distinguishing characteristics are and use them as a part of your marketing brand campaign. As you develop your niche, focus on highlighting your strengths and what makes your brand unique. Take pride in the things you do really well and don’t be afraid to promote your brand on social media. Continue posting relevant statuses, sharing your knowledge, and publishing content that helps your readers view you as a valuable resource. Your target audience will then become the biggest promoters of your brand.

Available For A Limited Time Only

Utilize sense of urgency to drive your clients into action. Look at Starbucks’ pumpkin spice lattes and how they are only available for a set number of weeks throughout the year. Consumers view limited quantities as being more valuable. Create marketing campaigns around the launch of your most popular products or services to build up anticipation. Use your social media platforms to tease big news and make announcements. Starbucks usually hypes up the big reveal of the pumpkin spice latte towards the end of August. You can do the same by telling your connections to ‘stay tuned’ for any big surprises you plan to reveal.

While Supplies Last

Another way to drive your clients into action is by using the scarcity mindset. It is human nature to want what we cannot have. When your audience knows that there is a limited quantity available it heightens their desire to belong and reduces their tendency to procrastinate. Starbucks does this effectively by offering pre-release codes that offer early access to their elite members. Apply this exclusivity tactic to your marketing strategy by offering special rewards or services to your best or most profitable clients.

Spicy Wisdom

“Bye Fall’icia” is what your audience will say if you are not being genuine. People connect with what is real. Regardless of how you promote your brand, remember to be as authentic as possible. Consistency is essential when it comes to branding so make sure every single one of your social media channels maintains your brand’s style, colors, or themes. Be consistently authentic by creating content that is native to the social media platform it is being posted on. You also want to be mindful of the audience found on each platform. For instance, long content is better suited for posting on LinkedIn rather than Instagram.

Wrapping Up

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