Who Says Women Can

The shift towards a more technology-centric PR and marketing industry is happening faster than my hair frizzes on a rainy day (which takes about .27 seconds). This is creating an interesting phenomenon. The traditionally female-friendly field is beginning to more closely resemble the male-dominated tech world, leading many to wonder which gender is best suited for the job.

Sorry, Guys, Women Are Better Decision Makers

Obviously, it’s women. And I’m not just saying that because I’m biased. Women are naturally better at making both analytical and emotional decisions. It’s biological. Our brains develop longer than men’s do, allowing us to have a more empathetic mindset, which is crucial for marketers. Mark Ritson discussed this topic in an Australian marketing journal.

There is, perhaps, no greater skill for a marketer than empathy. While the media and outsiders tend to perceive marketing as a matter of spin and persuasion, the reality has always been very different. Marketing is fundamentally a challenge of understanding. Yes, later on we create advertising and packaging and other rhetorical tools, but the first and foremost issue for marketers is to understand their consumer and bring that understanding into the organization. Without this basic empathy for the target market, our marketing efforts are probably going to be in vain.

It’s really not that surprising that women are scientifically better empathizers, but, I’ll admit, I was a little surprised to learn that women are also better when it comes to analytical decisions. Again, this goes back to the differences in development between boys and girls. Women don’t have nearly as much testosterone as men, which allows us to make methodical decisions while men tend to act on impulse or assumptions. It might make sense scientifically, but it defies the traditional idea that boys are better with numbers and girls are better with words.

Marketing Shift Leads to New Job Position

It is exactly this dual strength women possess that makes them so suited to the marketing industry. Unlike in the tech field, those in charge of marketing technology must be equally talented both empathetically and analytically. It’s not enough to understand how to use marketing automation tools to gather info. You must also be able to interpret that data and apply it to your inbound marketing strategy.

This need is contributing to the rise of a new position – the Chief Marketing Technology Officer. Contrary to the name, however, people in this role will play a crucial part not just in their department, but across the organization.

What This Means for You

If you’re just getting started in the inbound marketing world, you’ve got a great opportunity to build a promising future for yourself. Make a point to learn about the latest marketing technologies and trends. Immerse yourself in your industry. Show your boss that you want to find better ways to boost your company’s ROI and reputation using technology. Constantly look for ways to bring innovation to your department. Your boss will have no choice but to take notice.

This concludes our Where My Girls At? Series, but we’ll still be bringing you tips, tricks, and trends to help young female marketers fast-track their career to the corner office. Just make sure to check back regularly and, if you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletter to get even more content.