Implementing an inbound marketing strategy isn’t always a walk in the park. There are moments when a monkey wrench can tweak the effectiveness of diligently prepared strategies and seemingly ingenious plans. If Google Hummingbird sabotaged your meticulously built strategy or your ROI expectations aren’t flooding your phone lines or form submission databases, do cease your huffing.

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It’s time to take a cue from Russell Wilson. His persistent, failure-busting attitude is an example to all, even reaching as far as the football fans in the inbound marketing community.

In the internet marketing arena, the question is not whether or not you will face game changers. Instead, leading inbound marketing companies will distinguish themselves by how they respond to the monkey wrench.

Yep, Take the Risk

An article published by Sports Illustrated, tells a story about the young, heroic quarterback. When he first began working with the team, he was sensational. Regardless of the fact that he was surrounded by seasoned, experienced NFL players, he took the lead – a risky move!.

Coach Pete Carroll commented,

“He was trying to learn and get the job done and communicate. He had no agenda other than to get the job right.”

Inbound marketers, strategizing within an online environment chalk full of game changers, claim this definitive goal as well. We want to get the job done right, and that can require untried, potentially risky moves. If you’re an entrepreneur, you understand risks. As an inbound marketing company, we’re also familiar with that tension. However, like you, we’re willing push through the unknown.

Our friends at Square 2 Marketing make the point that,

“If we never try anything new, risky or different our businesses and our marketing will never improve.”

This is a point well made. Successful inbound marketing companies are willing to take calculated risks, and they view those risks as stepping stones toward improving their practices and building more effective strategies. You want these types of people involved in your marketing.

Yet, even with a calculated risk also comes the potential for a monkey wrench.

You’re Thrown a Monkey Wrench

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Without warning, Wilson’s performance at practice plummeted. Suddenly, his well-oiled throws were missing the mark. No one knew what had happened to the old Russell and, needless to say, Wilson himself was awfully disappointed.

For inbound marketers, not all of our strategies pan out either. Even our tried and true deliverables can become less effective due to internet and SEO trends that rise and fall. With this, our CTRs may begin to decrease. Internet

game changers can throw a monkey wrench into our a well-practiced inbound marketing game plan. Without warning, like Russell Wilson, we can be left wondering what went wrong.

strategies of inbound marketingStudy The Tape and Move On

However, Russell knew the problem wouldn’t fix itself. In the face of a mysterious issue with his technique, Wilson didn’t assume the skills that were eluding him of late would eventually return.

Rather, he went home and studied the tape. Russell has a well-earned reputation as being his hardest critic, and that night was no exception. According to Sports Illustrated,

“He figured out that his footwork was out of sorts, giving him an uneven foundation from which to throw. He studied it, studied it, studied it, then told himself to forget about it.”

At the next practice, Wilson was back to his old self and accurate as ever. He proved that he was a quick study and that no monkey wrench could bring him down.

Wilson studied the tape, refined his footwork, and corrected his technique. Likewise, as inbound marketers, we analyze the SEO conditions, examine the changing internet trends, and plot our marketing strategy accordingly.

“If you fail, take the time to identify why you failed and proactively make changes to prevent it from happening again.”

Oftentimes, we find our best strategies by busting a monkey wrench. And, at the end of the day, the calculated risk pays off. The Seahawks quarterback knew he could play fantastic football, and he and his team proved as much to the nation this last season.

“Our mistakes are our best chance to learn and we have to make them to get to the ingenious idea that is just around the corner.”

Even when strategies don’t pan out and unexpected issues come up, sit down and study the tape. A sustainable inbound marketing company is persistently their own worst critic. On the other side of a mistake, you can often play your best game. Take a cue from Russell Wilson.

*Quotes are from Square 2 Marketing, unless otherwise noted