Inbound MarketingRomantic comedies, they might be the movie genre you love to hate, or they might be a two-word description of your typical Saturday night. But as a marketer, they provide the perfect template for inbound marketing.

Not the ending, there’s nothing in inbound marketing about running through the rain. The lesson for marketers comes at the beginning of the movie, when our heroes meet for the first time.

Inbound Marketing Can help you to Meet Cute

You know the scene, the beautiful but mysterious stranger appears at the party and our hero, lets call him Hugh, is smitten. He doesn’t approach her right away, instead he tries to impress from afar. What Hugh is doing is inbound marketing.

While the other guys use traditional marketing techniques, they approach her and tell her about themselves, Hugh hangs back and uses inbound marketing to catch her eye. He hopes his dashing good looks and the way his friends laugh at his jokes will make her come to him.

Inbound Marketing is All about Attraction

Inbound marketing uses the very same trick. In inbound marketing you set up a website to be more attractive to Google users. You optimize it with the right keywords and blog content so that Google bats its eyes at your page. At the same time, you use social media to show how cool and interesting you are.

If you do it right, prospects will come to you. And if Hugh’s inbound marketing works our beautiful stranger will come to him.

Once they start talking, he’ll use his wit and slightly bumbling charm to keep her interested. Meanwhile you’re inbound marketing content needs to hold the interest of your prospect and make them want to read more.

And at the end of the evening, if you’re inbound marketing has done its job; maybe your prospect will write their number on that napkin. Sorry, contact form.

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