Retailers are getting very excited for another Black Friday, and for good reason!

Last year was a record breaker, name a retail record and it was broken by the huge incredible Black Friday numbers of 2015.

These days everything is hyped up by the press and media, everything seems to be bigger and better than before. ‘The world’s biggest burger’ ‘The world’s tallest slide’ and ‘The best fireworks display ever’. However, a lot of these things never quite live up to the hype and usually end up being a bit of disappointment.

But one event that certainly does live up to all its hype and more, is Black Friday. The day of retail madness has got bigger and bigger and bigger, and the marketing and offers for it now start earlier and earlier and finish later and later.

With so much hype and competition around Black Friday last year, retailers tried all sorts of different ways to maximize their sales. Some held their Black Friday sales all week, some started on Black Friday and had them all weekend up to Cyber Monday.

And some were worried that this would dilute the Black Friday experience and the sales would be affected… Nothing of the sorts, because whatever retailers did in 2015, it worked – it worked amazingly!

50% of retailers said it was their most profitable day in their calendar year

Not surprising when you see some of the incredible stats…

  • There was a whopping £3.3 Billion spent over Black Friday in the UK
  • £1.1 Billion spent on Black Friday in the UK (up from £810)
  • £561 Million on the Saturday
  • £676 Million on the Monday
  • £968 Million on Cyber Monday (up from £720)

And in the US…

  • $2.74 billion online on Black Friday (14.3 percent increase)
  • $905 million in Black Friday mobile sales (33.2 percent increase)
  • $3.07 billion on Cyber Monday (16 percent increase)
  • $799 million in Cyber Monday mobile sales

With early predictions that this year’s Black Friday will trump last year’s figures, you can almost feel the excitement and nervousness of retailers, what offers shall I do? How can I maximize my sales? How can I make sure my offers get seen?

Well the answer is probably sat in your pocket or on your desk right now… The mobile phone.

Everyone has one. Everyone uses one. Everyone shops, browses the internet and purchases on one. And no text message will get missed or unread on one.

So send your customers a simple text message with the details of your offer and a link to your website, you know they will read it, and you can be pretty that if your offer is tempting enough they will click that link.

So in all the Black Friday excitement and rush, make sure that your business and offers don’t get lost in the noise and madness, send out your Black Friday offers and deals by text message, and make that this year’s Black Friday is a good as it can be, and your most profitable day as well.