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My daughter transitioned from Montessori to public school in 4th grade and her first day was harrowing. My little cherub with a head full of blonde curls ran up to a potential classmate on the swing set and asked if she would be her friend. To my daughter’s dismay, the other child gave an emphatic NO and ran away. Of course my heart broke when she got off the bus in tears, telling me she didn’t want to go back to school and no one liked her. She had no friends.

She did survive, unscathed. She graduated college in May with a degree in Forensic Science and starts training in Tampa, FL next month for her new position as a Forensic Science Technician. Yes, I am a VERY proud mom!!

Whether on the playground, at a party, a networking event or online, the rules of engagement and relationship marketing all rely on some straightforward human principles.

Create a meaningful, personalized experience and you will be remembered when it is THE time to do business. Business results come from fostering and enriching your online connections within your community.

“When you try to get close to people you build trust. Staying consistent with that strategy will not only build your influence and authority, but it will also help you make true connections! In order to create a personality that people will trust online, you have to learn how to make time to be personal.” Wade Harman

No one likes a spammy self-serving salesman. Forget the schmoozing and big talk. Focus on creating long-term relationships based upon trust, not broadcasting content to your community. Just because someone liked or followed you does not mean you have relationship.


It is pretty simple. Nurturing a relationship of any kind requires you to relate to another individual. To engage in dialog, share ideas and have rich conversations without an ulterior motive as your frontline purpose.

  1. Listen and learn about them
  2. Visit and READ their profile and business pages
  3. Engage in online conversations
  4. Generate a personalized experience with you and your brand
  5. Use their first name
  6. Comment on their blog posts
  7. Reshare their content
  8. Ask questions and express REAL interest
  9. DEVELOP the connection


You can’t run around wondering what everyone can do for you. Think about how you can serve others. What value do you bring to the table? Social media isn’t ME ME ME! If you aren’t serving and offering value then you are taking. Be a giver instead.

  1. How can you solve their problems?
  2. Are you able to educate or inspire?
  3. How can you offer support?
  4. If you happen to see an industry related article they might enjoy, pass it on
  5. Make introductions to other like-minded colleagues and followers
  6. Serve others as you want to be served

“Relationships are the new currency.” Ted Rubin

Relationship Marketing: You and your brand are the face of your company, the connector to deliver service, value and meaningful relationships.

Relationship Marketing

YOU are the CRO: Chief Relationship Officer.

Now get out on the playground and push that swing like you mean it.