Reinvent YourselfWith the Fiscal Cliff looming and more increases in taxes, what is your approach going to be with respect to your marketing. Are you going to wait patiently? or take action?

In my case, I have a similar issue. I am dealing with a cut in resources. I lost a key resource and some great knowledge out the door. I did not see it coming whatsoever. My job just got 100 times harder.

I am back to the drawing board. Yes – for me it is all about people. I have learned that I need to have a solid team around me and when one of those members is gone, others need to step in and the leader needs to step up to a higher degree and make sure things do not drop off.

Time to Reinvent myself – (I do this at this time every year and almost on a monthly basis) (No joke) I have found I have to reinvent the way I do things and make sure I remain an effective leader despite the ever-changing environment.

The way I will reinvent myself is the following:

Refocus my teammates and make sure they understand how I am thinking and where I see our department and company headed.

Set (hard) deadlines to make sure work is getting completed. Too much at stake these days. Need deadlines to measure progress.

Bump up the workload – Yes, in times where things are tight, you should be asking more of your people not less. Marketing is not an area to cut. If you don’t have clients, you don’t have business.

Continue to network outside of your work with great people. Lots of great ideas out there and I have been fortunate to work with some of the best people

Monitor progress constantly and look for potential issue or delays

Be the leader and take responsibility – This is the key.

I have worked under other people in my past who reacted in a totally opposite manner as I have described above. These type of leaders were too caught up in what they were losing, that they could not lead their team effectively. If you are in such a position, make sure you either get out and find another position or try to position yourself in a way that you can take over.

Every good leader faces rough times, few have the will to face the rough times and make it through. Take it upon yourself to be different than your peers in 2013. Become more familiar with your current clients, seek out ways to best reach new clients. Be a motivator and a cheerleader for your team. But overall, be a leader.

photo credit: Frerieke via photopin cc