This is the next area I am looking at really hard. I really believe there are a lot of advantages to going with this approach and I am reading about many companies changing their marketing and vision directions. These companies are closely following customer demands and trends.

Reinventing Mission and Vision Statements

These companies are closely following customer demands and trends. In addition, they are also changing company cultures by reinventing their missions with respect to their workers and clients. It is a very powerful change. I am reading about one such example, and it is amazing to see their transformation. I believe it is quickly becoming the norm.

For me, marketing is entering a new change with respect to measuring results. I believe I am going to be looking at results as a part of a transformation process. I do not want to use current ways to measure marketing with respect to impressions and clicks. I want to look at measurement as a result of some change that we made. I think our whole culture is changing rapidly before our eyes. I think we will see more change between 2017-2020 then we have seen from 2010-2017. As a result, I think it is critical to also look at ways to measure our results in a manner that is more in line with how our culture is changing.

New Messaging is Needed

I think “the message” is the key. I am currently working on this item and it is exhausting. It is by far one of the hardest areas I have looked at. It is easy to be reactive and try to implement small changes from time to time. It is another thing to completely overhaul a company message and focus on a new direction.

Look at the Process Differently

Another part of this process is looking at things differently. This particular skill trait is critical. Too often, we get stuck in our ways, particularly as we get older. It is for this reason that new competitors often take business away from established businesses. New companies can come in and quickly transform an audience. Older companies often rely too much on their current systems to retain customers. There is a need for freshness. As I look back on some of the most successful marketing campaigns I was a part of, the one similarity was the ability to come to the market with something completely different and fresh. In these cases, our company was able to seize the moment and capture the attention of customers. I believe my goal now is to take this process to another level in 2017.

We will soon see how successful these efforts will be.