And How to Make it.

good_influencer_marketingWith influencer marketing growing in popularity there are a lot of brands and agencies implementing the strategy. With so many new entrants into the creator world, there is an unfortunate amount of poorly executed content that’s diluted the appearance of the amazing content from top brands.

So how do you separate amazing influencer content from the spammy content that’s shared by some of the big names?

Working with the right people

The first step is to make sure that you’re working with the best creators. You need to find people who know how to create seamless branded content. There are resources like Snapfluence, the creative community that helps educate how to best participate in your programs.

The best creators will be selective about which brands they partner with. Part of this pickiness is to avoid being seen as a “selling out” to their community. They want to meet their audience’s expectations and create content that matches the caliber of work they’re known for. The best creators won’t do a campaign for any old brand just to get a paycheck. They want to work with meaningful brands that create mutually beneficial partnerships. That’s when they produce their best work.

You should be similarly selective when deciding which influencers are the right fit to represent your brand. Your goal should be to find someone who embodies your brand values and whose audience represents the consumers you want to reach. Just because an influencer has a big following doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the one you should be working with. Brand fit and engagement are the best indicators that an influencer may be a good fit for your campaign.

Giving Direction

Once you’ve found the right fit, you’ll need to know how to get them to produce the content you’re looking for. Good content will match the audience’s expectations without needing to be deceptive about its brand affiliation. The best content creators know how to integrate a brand into their feed in a way that will achieve the brand’s goals without upsetting their audience.

The most reliable way to get great content is to provide good direction to the influencer. We have found that this step is the critical step to effective influencer marketing. Posting guidelines should communicate your expectations for things like tagging and FTC disclosure. But this is also your opportunity to give creative direction and to educate your influencers on the purpose of the campaign and their role in its success.

When you discover a perfect fit and provide proper guidelines, your campaign will produce amazing, engaging content. If you provide proper direction, you can grant the influencer the creative freedom they need to design content that will resonate with their community.

What are the common threads among great influencer marketing campaigns? Here are some trends that hold true for the most effective influencer marketing plugs.

Less Brand More Creativity

Obviously, you want your brand referenced or featured in the content in some way, otherwise, you wouldn’t be paying for this. However, the content will perform more effectively if it doesn’t feel like an overt or forced brand plug. The best bet is to enable creators to tell their normal life stories and incorporate your brand.

Demonstrate Value

Letting the influencer incorporate your brand into their daily lives helps demonstrate value. You chose them because they embody the ideal lifestyle for your product, so let them show how it fits into the narrative they’re sharing with their audience.

Authentic Voice

Most importantly, influencers need to meet their audience’s expectations. This comes from them sharing in their own voice. If you feel the need to prescribe exactly what they should be creating or writing, then hiring a commercial photographer may be a better strategy.

Honest Disclosure

Lest we not forget the importance of an honest and transparent disclosure…. This is pivotal to a successful influencer campaign and this is what will separate your content from a spammy Kardashian post. If the post was crafted and created in a thoughtful way then a simple FTC disclosure will not diminish its value.


We all know the difference between good influencer marketing and bad. You can spot it from a mile away. When you find the right influencers for your program, make sure to take the time to coach them into creating the best possible content. Influencers will appreciate working with a well-informed and serious brand partner and audiences will respond better.