While perusing topics to blog about this January, I came across an interesting article on Mashable that highlights 6 Ways to Recharge Your Business in 2013. The article focuses on all types of business, but these topics are absolutely applicable to the small business owner or entrepreneur.

I’d like to expand a bit on a few of the suggestions that the author of this blog makes about better business practices for the New Year. First, the author suggests that you should evaluate your year as a leader in your business in order to reflect and think about what you did well and what you can improve on. I would say that this can easily be translated to your business itself, also. Take some time to think about and write down what marketing and sales strategies were most successful for you and your company in the prior year. This way, you can re-vamp the ones that weren’t so great, and re-use the ones that were the most successful.

Building new business connections is another tip that is highlighted in this article. This is especially critical to small or new business owners. Carve out specific times in your schedule to meet new people and contact other businesses. Although we have moved to a largely digital age, face to face contact is still one of the best ways to build real relationships, whether it is with customers, potential customers, or others who work in your industry. In addition to attending events put on by others, consider hosting your own networking event. This could be as simple as a cocktail hour at a local bar. Face time is still so very important.

One tip that I would like to add to this list would be to take stock of how successful your Recharge Your Small Businessproduct or service was in the prior year. If you have a stellar product or service that people love to buy or use, then by all means, continue doing what you are doing! But in many cases, even small tweaks or improvements can help business owners gain momentum and improve sales. Say for example, that you own a home cleaning business. Consider asking your customers what additional services that they would like to see offered. Perhaps even the smallest change (a more powerful vacuum cleaner or switching to more environmentally friendly cleaners) can get you more word of mouth advertising and therefore help your business to recharge it’s proverbial batteries and become more successful in the new year.

The New Year is a great time to take stock of how your company is doing and see what is projected to happen in the near future. But don’t let this stop you from re-evaluating your business practices on a regular basis, either!