JESHOOTScom / Pixabay

There’s a good chance you already know that you need to find the best ways to connect with your customers to see success from your marketing campaigns. You’ve probably even been told that your marketing campaigns should include a human face or character – a strategy we’ve all seen adopted by some of the biggest brands around. But why is that such a crucial piece of the marketing puzzle?

The real reason why so many successful marketing campaigns include a human personality is that it allows brands to form a strong human connection with your audience. And no matter what industry you’re in or how big your company is, connecting with your audience on a human level will help you increase engagement and boost conversions.

So, how does a human face help you create that connection?

Give Yourself an Identity

Having a character as the face of your brand gives you an identity. Of course, your logo can (and should) be used to identify you, but without a face, your identity can appear impersonal and even cold to your consumers.

The truth is, people just don’t connect with logos in the same way that they connect with other people or human-like characters. So giving yourself a face that people can quickly identify and relate human traits to can establish your brand as friendly and relatable.

Remember Flo from Progressive? She’s an instantly recognizable character who makes the uninteresting subject of insurance more personable. She even has her own Twitter account.

You’ll Be Easier to Remember

Studies about memory have shown that people tend to have an easier time recognizing faces than names. When you add quirky and memorable personality traits to that image, consumers are even more likely to remember you.

Fast food companies are all about creating memorable personalities in an attempt to set themselves apart from the competition. Take a look at McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and KFC – each one has their own distinct human personas that customers can identify them by.

You Become More Trustworthy

Consumers trust other people more than they trust companies. So when your brand can embody likable, human traits people are more likely to trust you and your products. Once you have their trust, they’ll be more likely to buy from you and recommend your services to others.

They’ll Identify With You

People want to identify with the companies they patronize. When people are able to see themselves reflected in a brand and the brand’s culture, it’s easier for them to see how the products can fit into their own lives. A human persona is a great way to convey this message, as they can appear to be part of the same demographic as your target audience that you’ve identified in your marketing personas.

It Gives You a Way to Interact

People love interactive content. Nothing gets people engaged with a brand like a real conversation, and when you have a human face in your marketing strategy, people feel like they already know who they’re talking to. This level of comfort not only increases the chances that they’ll buy from you, but it’ll help boost engagement in your social media campaigns.

Having a human face that creates an identity for your brand and forms a connection with your audience will set you apart from your competitors who don’t – even if their product is reliable and has a great story. Whether you decide to use a real person or a fictional character, it’s a strategy you should incorporate into your marketing to build the strongest relationship with your audience as possible.