Getting your products on a shopping channel like QVC or HSN is like hitting the mother lode for any product entrepreneur. You can potentially sell more in an hour than you can all year thanks to their loyal viewing audience of millions.

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Both companies outline their procedures for submitting your products for consideration on their websites, and it typically involves filling out an application and so forth. But like anything in life, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. So you need to get their attention in other ways.

Now, I am going to assume that you already have an amazing product that has been priced correctly and meets their requirements, plus you can handle a high quantity of orders. I am going to focus on how you can get noticed among the sheer volume of submissions they likely receive.

1. Follow Their Merchandisers on Social Media

Whether it is on LinkedIn or Twitter, search “merchandiser QVC” or “buyer HSN” and see which profiles come up. Follow the people who do and they just might check you out. Be sure that your social media profile reads that your goal is to have your products be featured on a shopping network like QVC or HSN.

2. Make a Killer YouTube Video Demonstrating Your Product

If you do get selected to appear on QVC or HSN, you will be expected to demonstrate your product on live television in front of millions of viewers and sell its virtues for an hour. Therefore, if you create a YouTube video showing yourself already doing that you’re half way there, but it has to been engaging. Post it on your social media pages and encourage your followers to share.

3. Write a Blog Post About Wanting to Sell on QVC or HSN

If you tag and keyword your blog post correctly, and even submit it as a guest post to a popular blog like Huffington Post, it could get enough exposure to be seen by their decision makers.

4. Ask Your Followers and Customers to Pitch for You

Sometimes you have to create the demand. If enough people are requesting for a product to appear, that will peak their interest. Simply ask your followers on Twitter:

RT @QVC, this is your next great product find! {link}

Keep in mind, these ideas are all about getting attention, so you can just as easily use them to get your products into major retailers as well.