ID-10016398In today’s turbulent and stagnant economy, small business owners are definitely searching for ways to make more profits. How about creating a few passive income paths or doing some affiliate marketing?  By all indications passive income is definitely the way many small businesses are supplying more income on their top line and profits to the bottom line. Thousands of small businesses have turned to alternate means to generate that passive income and improve their situations.

It’s not absurd.  Yes, you can discover hidden profits in your business in some unexpected ways. In fact, your customer list can even be an unexpected treasure trove.

How can you, the small business owner, create a perpetual stream of money through a passive income and increase your profits? You must fully embrace the idea of passive income; you must educate yourself online to attract traffic to your site (when needed) and thirst to capitalize on the correct opportunity. Be prepared, this does take perseverance and commitment in order to make it work.

Affiliate marketing is currently leading the way on how to make money online without having to produce a good or provide a service.  Yes, you just work on a commission for creating the connection. If you want to go all out, don’t just email your customers with the product or person you’re promoting – why not set up a page on your website too?  If this is to be a true, ongoing revenue source, you must know how to optimize your website to get the largest traffic possible to the page(s) in question. Even more powerful is the fact that you have the ability to market affiliate products everywhere, including Facebook, your blog, free classifieds and more.

Not sure where to begin to find what – or who – you would like to represent as an affiliate?  Look for the industry leaders in your vertical and research what events or product launches they have coming up.  Or, keep it really simple and sign up for a well-known product line that would support your client base.  If you are a travel agency, why not become a reseller for a luggage company?  If you have an employment agency, why not partner with a resume service.  You get the picture.

It is important to be selective. Test out the affiliate to make sure it is a good fit for your list.  And don’t overdo it. Overly aggressive marketers are encountering list fatigue where their followers unsubscribe if they don’t find the messages to be helpful.

Finally, remember, it’s vital that your passive income stream be automated. The best passive income streams are built so that the owner (YOU) is taken out of the equation. 

Creating your best profit solutions is my highest priority.

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