Small business owners interested in capturing the attention of busy commuters on the Hudson Valley’s active Metro North Railroad may have thought this hard-to-reach crowd unattainable. Not so, say executives from InspiriaMedia, Westchester County’s fastest growing single source marketing firm for the small and medium-sized business owner.

“With an economy still in recovery, traditional single-pronged advertising has taken a back seat to more diversified, integrated marketing strategies that include high impact and high exposure options such as rail advertising,” says InspiriaMedia President Ronnie Ram.

Train station advertising, also known as “Bus & Rail Advertising, is a perfect way to attract the commuter who cannot avoid seeing these highly visible, buzz-worthy displays that are designed to absorb the attention of thousands of travelers commuting to and from New York City each day. InspiriaMedia’s campaigns specialize in attracting consumers on the move, especially the hard-to-reach commuters, executives, businessmen and women and affluent residents in targeted communities.

Providing a highly personalized local touch, InspiriaMedia works with its customers to create designs that will stand out from those of other businesses, but at the same time will effectively “speak” to their target market. Campaigns, including rail advertising, can be as limited as a single poster on one target train station to multiple train stations and multiple placements per station.

“The collective buying power of InspiriaMedia’s client base allows for as little as one poster on a single train station platform at an excellent price,” says InspiriaMedia Vice President Nick Simard. “We handle the creative and production work necessary to ensure that a company’s plan is on track, all the while creating outdoor media campaigns that best suit the budgets and objectives of our clients.”