Stream-Blog_Graphics_PersonaCreate_1-16Across all fields of industry businesses, marketing executives and business owners are continuing to improve the way they sell their products or services. Although this can be challenging at times, it becomes a much easier process when you have a target audience to market to consisting of the right buyer persona.

Buyer personas are representations of your ideal target audience of clientele. Based on the research you conduct and information you gather to create your buyer personas, you can easily figure out if they’re the right people to market to.

There are three things to keep in mind when creating your buyer personas and conducting your research: What do my ideal buyer personas need, what do they need to know about my brand or company, and can my product or service satisfy that need?

If you’re asking what your buyer personas need but aren’t sure whether the product or service your company provides satisfies their needs, you may need to reconsider your clientele and alter your personas.

As our Inbound Marketing Copywriter Ashley Bailey states in her blog post “Educate Your Prospects, Don’t Sell,” when a prospective customer visits you online, they want to learn more about your brand and business—what can YOU do for them?

Below we’ve listed a few categories of questions to ask when creating your buyer personas. If you follow these general questions, you’ll be in good shape to create a detailed buyer persona, market to the right clientele, attract the right leads, and ultimately convert them into customers for your business.


It’s important to know certain demographics, such as where your buyer persona is located and their age, sex, employment, and salary. Asking questions such as these can help to narrow down your target audience immensely.

If your company uses tactics such as inbound marketing to reach more of your audience, asking demographic questions really lets you hone in on the specifics. For example, if your buyer persona is of the younger generation, what channel of media would reach them best?

Behavior Patterns of Buyer Personas

What are your buyer personas’ behavior patterns? A few questions to ask here are how they prefer to interact with the vendors they currently use, their shopping preferences, and their most recent purchases. Would they change the behavior of that interaction? Their preferences? The process of their most recent purchase?

It’s important to ask about these behavior patterns, among others, because your specific buyer persona may have a preference of vendor interaction and behavior over another. For example, if they’re currently being bombarded with email blasts that reject the basics of email marketing 101, they may be looking for a different channel of communication.

What is that channel of communication? What is the best way to reach your ideal personas through that channel?


Another category of questions to consider when creating your buyer personas is their goals. What are they motivated to do within their job title, at home, or their future goals and how can your product or service help them?

How do they measure their success? Can you help your persona become even more successful with the product or service your company is marketing?

Asking specific questions for your persona’s goals can help you tailor the information you give them about your company’s product, brand, and services. If you can’t satisfy your persona’s goals with the information you’ve gathered, you may want to reconsider whom you’re marketing to.

Although this is just a short list of questions to ask when creating your buyer persona, there’s a fuller, more detailed list from HubSpot here.