When you’re looking to get more qualified b2b appointments for your business, one important thing that you must remember is that you have to hire professional b2b appointment setters who have the right qualities to properly complete the task. A good appointment setter must:

Be able to take “no” for an answer.
Appointment setters need to be stubborn, but not in a way that they keep pushing what they want on your sales leads. Most prospective sales leads will not hesitate to say no, and the appointment setter should be able to easily move on. Instead of thinking that they are ineffective at their task, good appointment setters know that some b2b sales leads are not yet ready to convert, while others are simply unqualified. They don’t let rejections dampen their spirits, and are eager to dial the next number, knowing that a qualified business appointment could be waiting next.

Be able to talk, and talk, and talk…
Getting enough business appointments even for one sales rep requires long hours of cold calling. The appointment setter you hire must understand this part of the work clearly, and not be easily bored with such a repetitive task that is often accompanied by countless rejections. Your appointment setter should understand that getting qualified b2b appointments require dealing with intentionally uncooperative gatekeepers and talking to at least ten business leads throughout the day.

Be motivated by the end result.
Good appointment setters should not just be interested in getting the business appointment. Rather, they should also be motivated to make sure that the appointments they make actually convert into a sale. Unless an appointment setter is genuinely concerned about the sales rep getting business leads that can actually be converted, that sales rep might just end up wasting his time talking to cold or unqualified business leads.

Be able to accept criticism.
Appointment setters who are not able to accept criticism will remain stagnant, and if you hire someone like this for your campaign, then be prepared to butt heads frequently. Just like any good employee, your professional appointment setter should be able take feedback from both you and your business leads and use these to improve his/her cold calling skills.

Have significant working experience.
Appointment setters who already have enough experience are better equipped to handle the stresses that accompany this line of work. Someone who is new to appointment setting might end up committing mistakes that would lead to a lot of wasted time, both for him, the sales rep, and the business lead. Experienced appointment setters know that qualified business appointments are made with the right decision maker who has sufficient budget and willing to implement the solution offered by the sales rep.

It’s understandable that finding a professional appointment setter that has all these qualities can be difficult, and ensuring that your hire one might mean that you have to train an appointment setter of your own. To simplify this task, you can just hire your appointment setters from a reliable b2b appointment setting firm.