The jury was out on QR Codes for quite some time. Would they take off, maybe this odd looking black and white image was just another marketing buzz that would soon die out – or would QR Codes make it to the mainstream? The answer is now clear. Marketers want them. Businesses use them. Most importantly, consumers want to scan them. Why? Because QR Codes can bridge the void between the real world product and exciting information stored online.

This Code is the signet ring of the future. It is like Harry Potter’s wand which conjure up new and fantastic experiences by quickly waving it in front of something. We have simply replaced the wand with a mobile phone. People want to scan Codes because they offer something different, something they cannot get anywhere else – well, at least if the business has considered their QR Code strategy carefully.

What does the recent explosion in QR Code usage really mean for business? This infographic explains just that. Enjoy.


4 million people scanned a QR Code in the UK April 2012 (more Americans scanned QR Codes). That’s like everyone in Berlin scanning a code at the same time or as if everyone in Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm scanned a qrcode at the same time. If we drill further into who belongs to this large group of people then we quickly realise they are of a certain age and with certain needs or wants. The fact that this core group scan codes to gain insight or so they can buy into a product or brand makes QR codes very interesting indeed.

Have you got one for your product or service? Are you tapping into 4 million potential buyers in the UK alone? Now is the time to get going. Let your customers wave their wands to engage with your brand.