By now, it is extremely clear that QR codes are growing in stature within integrated marketing programs. When used correctly, QR codes offer an innovative way to promote your product or service. Now, these cost-effective marketing tactics are easier to use than ever thanks to online QR code marketing tools, which offer end-to-end campaign management. But before you get started, you need to understand some basic best practices. Here are two QR code marketing case studies that offer valuable insight on how to approach QR code marketing.

QR Code Marketing Best Practices

In order to successfully use QR codes to engage your customers, there are a few things to always keep in mind:

  • Make sure the customer knows to scan the code. Not everyone understands QR codes. So you need to explain the desired action to ensure a positive response.
  • Attach a message to communicate the customer value of scanning the code. What will someone get by scanning your code?
  • Provide a Web URL in case someone doesn’t have a smartphone or a QR scanner application and wants to access the content from a computer.
  • Use QR codes to integrate your digital and physical marketing programs. QR codes offer instant gratification for customers who receive your direct mail or see a print advertisement. Use this to your advantage.
  • Offer a mobile-friendly landing page. Nobody likes to navigate a full website on a tiny screen.
  • Drive people to content or offers that are appropriate for a mobile device. Video content should be brief and to the point. And limit the number of things you ask of a customer on your mobile landing page.
  • Periodically change the content or value being delivered via the QR code. People won’t continue scanning the same code without a new hook.
  • Measure and analyze the number of scans your QR codes receive.

Case Study No. 1: People’s United Bank

Financial services companies are a natural fit for QR code marketing. Customers can rarely buy anything without consulting a service representative first. This makes the sales process focus on capturing contact information, such as a phone number or email address or even having a potential customer call the business for more information. QR codes are a great way to enable interested parties to quickly provide contact information for follow-up sales calls.

Click this link to see how People’s United Bank Does A Sweet Job With QR Code.

People’s United Bank makes QR code marketing seem like a piece of cake by using four of the best practices listed above to engage potential customers.

Case Study No. 2: Toys ‘R’ Us

Retail is also a great fit for QR code marketing. When browsing products, customers often have questions. So placing a unique QR code on each product display enables customers to quickly access online product reviews and specifications. I find myself frequently using QR codes in crowded stores where salespeople are busy or sparse.

Click this link to see how Toys ‘R’ Us Banks On QR Codes Ahead Of Holiday Shopping Rush. The article was posted by Mobile Marketing Watch and discusses how the toy retailer is leveraging QR codes in its holiday catalog.

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