CalendarBusiness cards do well all year long because there is constant demand for it. Visit any convention or conference to meet up with fellow like-minded businessmen and entrepreneurs and you will find yourself whipping out your cards like a winning slot machine. It’s convenient to network and build relationships within your industry.

The same thing goes for brochures and flyers. Known as marketing tools of choice for promoting businesses and events, respectively, they help strengthen branding once they reach the right audience. Ultimately, both can drive more visitors to your events or stores for added revenue.

While there are necessary marketing collateral, there are those that are best used only on select seasons.  One of those tools is the calendar, which is a great print material to sell or give away for your business before the end of every year.

Here are effective ways that you can maximize the worth of calendars as part of your year-end marketing strategy.

Help people organize for next year

December is spent on parties and celebrations for the year that soon will be. This is also done in part of the preparation for the coming year, where everybody starts on a blank slate. By giving out or selling calendars, you help them prepare for their upcoming activities to start the year right. They can hang or display your calendars and mark down notes of specific dates as reminders or for tasks that need to be accomplished.

Mark your company events

Arguably one of the biggest advantages of business calendar is the ability to inform people of special events or promotions that you will be holding for the year. Assuming that you have prepared your yearly marketing plan and identified the dates of each event, you can mark them down on your calendars before printing them out for distribution. Once your customers or target audiences get hold and hang your calendars, they are informed of the schedule of events you have lined up for the year. This gives them time to clear their own schedules to attend your upcoming events.

Boost branding

Calendars can be designed as a large print format like a poster or come in multiple pages, with every page featuring the different months in a year. Regarding the latter, you can maximize the space for each page by featuring your products and services of your business on each page. Reinforce your mission and objectives to introduce your business brand to your target audience, if not reiterate it to your existing customer.

More importantly, unlike flyers in which the marketing message is only as good until the end of the event or promo, calendars have a long-lasting appeal to people. Calendars as a marketing tool work because the brand is not at the forefront of the print material – it takes a backseat to the dates and months. While people are writing and looking at the dates, their attention is also subjected to the design and words of your marketing message.

Therefore, make them notice your branding by applying the best copywriting and design practices. You can start by reading a post on our blog titled “10 Building Blocks of Great Copywriting.”

Do you think calendars are great year-end marketing tools? Or do you prefer other tools in place of calendars for your promotional strategies? Let me hear your thoughts by commenting below!