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The Presidential Debate is always a hot topic. But, if you’re a busy marketer, you probably have other things on your mind. That being said, if you did have time to sit and watch it, then you, like so many others, most likely have a lot of thoughts on what’s being discussed. Other than wanting to know how the next president is going to affect your business, there are luckily some useful things you can take from the debate.

Here they are.

“When they go low, you go high”

One of Hillary’s favorite quotes to say during the debate might be overused but it’s actually a nice one. When it comes to marketing, other companies may take drastic measures to make themselves stand out over you. Sometimes, it could even be a matter of them comparing their company to yours, which might not make you look so good. If this happens, remember to always stay positive and be the “bigger person.” Your current customers and your leads will admire you more for it.

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Social media has a lot of power on a buyer’s decision

What we learned from this campaign thus far is how much social media plays a role. People go to social media for everything. If you’ve been following the campaign and the debate even a bit, then you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Well, using social media as a means to decide who you want for president, works quite the same way with companies. Buyers turn to social media to learn about your company. They see things they like, such as written content or viral videos, and use that to help them make purchasing decisions. Never forget the power of social media and how it can help your marketing campaign (or deter it).

Don’t Fixate on Past Losses

Companies, just like presidential candidates, sometimes have a difficult past. While it’s important to acknowledge any mistakes, (like JCPenney did in 2013), it’s more important to just move on. The more time you spend on something you may have done wrong, the more negative attention you’re going to get, and potentially a loss of customers as well.

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Tell Them What They Want to Hear

Maybe this is something we saw a little too much from the debate. But, when it comes to your marketing approach, always tell your audience what they want to hear. Knowing your audience is crucial to a successful marketing campaign, just like it is for a presidential campaign. While we’re not encouraging you to stretch the truth or be dishonest, rather catering to your target audience and learning from them simultaneously, can help create a strong relationship between the company and the consumer.

Answer. The. Questions

Customers have a lot of questions, as do the American people for the candidates. Your job as a responsible company should be to a. Try to answer all your customer’s questions already, either with a good FAQ page or precise landing pages. And, b. Provide good customer service by having contact information visible on your site and in your emails.

There’s a lot to learn from our candidates, just like there’s a lot to learn from us. To see if your current marketing strategy is working or if you need to make some adjustments, contact Mission Suite and request a demo today.

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