One thing we hear over and over again is the power of customer feedback captured in video. When a customer speaks about their experience in their own words, you can’t beat it. It really brings to life what your customer sounds like, looks like, and conveys the emotion in a powerful way.

Yes, customer written feedback is helpful, but video tells the story in a way that really grabs your audience. If you want to help employees grow in customer empathy, you need to build a case for investment in customer experience around a pain point – capture customer feedback with video!

A Versatile Medium

Videos can be embedded into a PowerPoint presentation for team meetings, used at executive briefings, posted on your intranet, and even played at town hall employee meetings.

An effective video can be constructed in “chapters” based on key parts of the experience. The first chapter could include a slide showing the part of the experience you are focusing on and include short clips, back-to-back, of three to five customers. The next chapter would be around another part of the experience (put on a slide) followed by several customer clips. You just need a few different customers speaking to tell the story quickly about a range of issues, or focus in on a pain point.

Just putting a face and first name together can be another way to help your audience understand your customers in a more powerful way. You can add text at the bottom of the screen with the customer’s first name and the product they own, or their longevity with your company while they are talking.

Focus on Key Customer Experiences

We all know it can be expensive to gather a group of customers locally and film your session, so instead think about other ways to can capture video. Focus in on video at key parts of your experience.