The Importance and Power of Buy-In

There are several ways that we at The Brand Builders like to do things differently.  For example, our strong belief on ‘approachable’ marketing–we navigate our clients through the jungle of marketing jargon towards marketing success, and ensure that we’re consistently serving marketing results and education, not just selling empty promises.

Another key factor in our approach is our belief in a partnership with our clients. We work with you to enhance your online marketing presence and results.

As with any partnership, that means a certain exchange of expectations. Our clients expect certain deliverable from us, certain marks of success to be hit at certain designated points in their campaigns, plus, you know, the efficient execution of their inbound marketing strategy.

And in return, we expect their commitment. A commitment to inbound marketing, a commitment to HubSpot, a commitment to the strategies we will be implementing.

See, the inbound methodology can be a tough sell for some. Thousands, including ourselves, can proclaim its effectiveness, and why it’s such a crucial component of modern marketing. But when hearing about it for the first time, many people are thrown by factors like the need for an up-front investment and the long-term delivery of results.

Further, when it comes to The Brand Builders specifically, we communicate with our clients. A lot. Especially at the beginning. There are some marketing agencies that simply plug in a formula for all companies, regardless of their industry, and therefore only feel the need to check in with quarterly results. Okay–maybe monthly. Point is, when switching from an agency like that to an agency like ours, clients are surprised by our bi-weekly meetings. But that’s part of what we need in order to deliver the results that we partnered with you to achieve.

All that being said, here’s a brief breakdown of the ‘buy-in’ we require from new clients:

Willingness to put the secret sauce “out-there;” to share your knowledge and expertise with your prospects

These aren’t secrets to your success that competitors can steal for themselves. You’re not sharing your business plan or the patents on your machinery. Rather you’re sharing your authority and expertise, and demonstrating your knowledge on the industry as a whole.

Commitment to the inbound marketing methodology and best practices

This process of attracting prospects and nurturing them until they convert to contacts and customers is logical, contemporary, and has proven effective.

Recognition of ‘slow burn’ results over 12 months of work

It takes time to get to the results you’re seeking, but we assure you, when those numbers come in, they’re worth a lot more than the brief boost in popularity offered by traditional, outbound marketing efforts.

Agreement to work with HubSpot

If you want the most efficient way of implementing inbound, and a uniform way of tracking your success and results, there’s no better platform than HubSpot.

In exchange we’ll commit to you and being long term partners towards your business’s success.  We’ll bring all of the marketing expertise, the content production, the strategy and results and everything in between. We’ll transform how customers see and interact with your business.

But you–and your entire team–need to be 100% committed to how we’re doing it. It’s not what you’ve seen before, it’s not traditional–and that’s the point. Different isn’t bad; when you change something that’s broken, you have the chance to fix it.

So in order for our collaboration to be the true partnership, you need to fully believe that it’s going to work. And in exchange, we’ll make it work beyond your wildest dreams.