College StudentHow people communicate with one another is constantly evolving and incorporating new technological ways to distribute information. These changes and improvements with information technology are great for those who obtain a major in communications because they have a variety of career opportunities after graduation. As a communication major, consider entering into one of the top communication career fields that have continually to shown job growth, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Interpreters and Translators
Interpreters and translators help people who communicate in different languages understand one another. If you’re bilingual or know American Sign Language, working as an interpreter or translator can be a fabulous opportunity, as BLS estimates the job rate will increase by 42 percent over the next 10 years. Also, as an interpreter or translator you can work in a variety of business industries such as education, health care, politics and the legal field. According to BLS, the average interpreter or translator salary was $43,300 yearly as of 2010.

Public Relations Specialist
A public relations specialist works to ensure that her client has a positive public image. The public relations specialist will provide journalists, bloggers and other media outlets with press releases, public statements and articles about their clients’ business. The purpose of releasing company information to the public is to continue to establish and cultivate a positive image for the client. However, a public relations specialist may also have to speak on behalf of her client, to offset any negativity that may harm their image. As of 2010, the average annual salary for a public relations specialist was $68,300.

Marketing Managers
A marketing manager works to develop a company’s overall marketing strategy and brand image. The implementation of a marketing strategy may consist of creating and promoting products such as information brochures, logos and other documents as needed. Marketing managers also oversee the development of programs used to attract potential customers such as television or online advertisements. According to reports as of 2010 the annual median salary for marketing managers was $112,800.

Broadcasting and Sound Engineering Technicians
Broadcast and sound engineering technicians work with a variety of electronic equipment. The electronic equipment used by broadcast and sound engineering technicians allow them to work at television stations, as radio operators or staging live concerts. Sound technicians are charged with ensuring the setup of audio and video equipment such as microphones, speakers and video monitors. However, broadcast technicians typically control clarity of the sound and video feeds transmitted through audio mixing boards, during a live presentation, on television and/or the radio. The annual wage for a career as a broadcast and sound engineering technician was $63,280 in 2010.

Technical Writers
Technical writers take complex information and translate it into simple terms. They typically create documents and information for items such as software, computer programs and heavy machinery. The most common written documents produced by technical writers are instruction manuals. As a technical writer you have the opportunity to work in a variety of business industries including information technology, engineering and government. The average median annual salary in this career as of 2010 was $63,280.