This year’s presidential election has dominated the attention of the American public for months—from late night comedy to social media to discussions in cafes, bars, and living rooms. When was the last time a presidential debate attracted such a large audience? Well, actually, never. The September 27th Clinton-Trump debate attracted the largest audience of all time.

Regardless of who wins, the lengthy, contentious, polarizing election process will finally be over. And that opens up both opportunities and challenges for businesses to attract attention and re-engage with their customers.

Here are five things to remember when planning your post-election marketing:

  • It’s been a long haul. We’ve been at this for nearly two years and for most people, it’s gone on much too long. Americans are ready for something new and exciting that doesn’t involve politics. Are you ready with a focused, creative marketing campaigns to tap into this restlessness?
  • Expect to see pent-up demand. Experts believe the anxiety around the election has led consumers to put off spending, but that will change in November and December as we approach the holiday season. Are there special promotions or offers you want to make to free up new revenue before the end of 2016?
  • Life as we know it will go on. Despite predictions of doom and gloom from campaign operatives, the American economy is robust and resilient. Trade will continue with global partners and American innovation will continue to survive. How will this relate to your business and your post-election marketing?
  • Healing will be needed. The campaign rhetoric this year has been particularly divisive. Healing, conciliation, and compromise will be required to avoid a seriously divided nation. It’s not about who won and who lost. It’s about helping your customers win.
  • Don’t wait for change from Washington. The Federal government will have plenty to resolve, no matter which candidate wins or which party controls Congress. In the meantime, your more agile competitors may be disrupting your marketplace and stealing your customers. Be ready for your post-election marketing to take advantage of opportunities that may arise but don’t expect the new administration or the next Congress to make sweeping changes in the short-term that will impact your business, for good or bad.

It’s time to replace the slogans and catchphrases of the last two years with a post-election marketing focus on providing value that helps your customers thrive in 2017 and beyond. Don’t wait to take advantage of the promises and possibilities of a post-election economic environment. That’s something you can bet will be a winning ticket.