Positive Vision + Positive Action are the First Steps to any Successful Marketing Plan

Positive Vision Positive Action are the First Steps to any Successful Marketing Plan

What happens when a marketing strategy doesn’t turn out the way we wanted it to?

It’s easy for many authors and business owners to begin think negatively about the situation; but, this can cause you to give up rather than trying again, learning, and moving forward.

A positive vision will help protect you from a sense of failure because even if something turns out to be ‘not good’ you trust there is always a great fix or plan ahead that can be even better.

When the right focus is in place you can take the right actions in your strategy. This helps to remove the “if only” mantras and ushers in the “we can do this smarter” attitude instead.

Distractions outside of the goal can take your business off course, and without the where-for-all to stay focused your plan can derail. By creating a positive action plan your mindset will partner with your plan to produce more successful results. If you work with a team collaborate and share your ideas, and if you are a solopreneur find a mentor or trusted associate who is well versed in marketing to bounce your ideas off of.

Without a solid marketing plan your result simply will not be effective, especially in the midst of competing brands and businesses. Watch closely for the latest trends and find out how others in your industry are sharing and communicating online, then adapt your goals according to your unique vision.

4 Easy Steps for Positive Focus

There are four (4) things you can do to narrow down your focus and execute a specific marketing action plan for positive results:

Don’t spread yourself too thin – Do you have too many action steps planned? This can become overwhelming for you and/or your team. Start small and build from there instead of taking on too many tasks at once. Adding as you progress will produce a better flow for your marketing.

Monitor your time on social media – Your business interacts daily online, and this can cause burnout if you are not setting specific time slots. Create a specific plan where you can unplug, build your business, meet with people offline, or just take a cyber break. You will find that you have more clarity when you do this, and are more productive. Use tools that work best for you such a calendar, timer, project management software, etc. to stay on track.

Let go of failure and move forward – We all make mistakes, even with a great marketing plan. Social media in particular is human driven, and anything is possible, including our own errors. Don’t allow these events to let you down, but instead use them as opportunities for growth and improvement with transparency with your online community. Often brands will ignore or allow setbacks to happen when there is a negative circumstance. But a positive focus is handled with honesty and acceptance that we can’t always get it right.

Be open to new marketing strategies – As the Internet evolves our way of marketing can change often. While one strategy has worked for a while, a new algorithm pops up or image size has changed, which can throw us off course and cause us to loose steam. Instead of allowing these new developments to become setbacks, be ready ahead of time to adapt to updates and be willing to change course if needed. For example, memes may have worked well for a while in your specific community, but now your audience is looking for native video instead.

In order to take positive actions in marketing your thoughts and focus need to be positive and upbeat. By remaining flexible and honest with a well-laid out plan, you are setting your strategy up for success no matter what detours or changes are ahead. We can’t prevent the unknown, but we can have control over our thoughts, focus and mindset.