The art of disguising an object isn’t just good for pulling pranks. It can be good for bigger things like art, espionage, and of course, marketing.

But how do ERP lead generators make use of this skill when pulling in prospects into the sales funnel?

You start by disguising the very idea that you’re marketing.

What makes this so easy is that the word ‘marketing’ itself is so general. With a history of so many tactics, strategies, and stunts, there are a lot of things you can do that marketing can double as.

Thought leadership

Being an expert at something is a tried and true way to get anyone’s attention. But at the same time, you don’t focus on the promotion. You focus on sharing the value of your knowledge. And while it’s true that giving away information for free is bad for some, it’s not the case when your core asset is the software product.

Typical examples of thought leadership in action include:

  • Speaking at an industry-specific conference
  • Publishing a blog to help business software users
  • Commenting on the current state of the industry

In all these cases, you are bringing your brand to the forefront alongside your expertise. It’s not like people will force you to hide your position or your company name every time you chime in on something.


While branding is also another very broad topic, I’m talking more specifically about putting your logos or your company name on your products. Whether it’s on the interface, the box etc. What matters is that you left a sort of fingerprint on it and it won’t be just your current customers seeing it.

For example, say your company offers only security services and tools. Do you remember those parts in a website that says who provides all the security for the passwords, usernames, and all other sensitive info? You can fit in there too in the properties of your own customers.

It’s like leaving crumbs. You main marketing activities may be where customers are at work, however, don’t underestimate the eyes of someone looking for a solution. When they see your brand in those little places (your ‘crumbs’), they might just look you up!

Now what do these two things have in common? Actually, they emphasize not so much on what they’re disguising. They draw attention to the disguise itself. That’s all there is to it! Review your strategies today and see if you’ve been planting little marketing tricks of your own. It never hurts to invest a little more in it!