Get the greatest return on investment by preparing for your trade show well in advance. From the preparation that happens months before hand to the final list during the eleventh hour, the best way to stay ahead of important deadlines and ensure marketing success is by having a checklist in place.

Booth Design

Your booth is a sample of your ecommerce site or brick and mortar in a tradeshow format. When it comes to custom trade show exhibits, it’s more imperative than ever that you check and double-check the graphics, logos, messaging, trademarks and their location on your booth. Be sure to verify that:

  • Your company name is prominently displayed (the company name and logo should be located in the upper half of the exhibit design—people and booth accessories like literature stands won’t block your logo and messaging).
  • Your messaging is legible from a distance of 10 to 20 feet.
  • Your images are easily interpreted from 20 feet.
  • You have space like linear counters and display stands (i.e. iPad display stands) for people to gather around so you can talk to them about your product and accommodate lead-generating activities.
  • You have storage space for extras to avoid clutter in your exhibit space.
  • Your video screens and monitors are large enough and the right height.
  • Your booth is adequately lit.
  • Your booth offers more than enough space for your planned activities (the rule is about 50 square feet of space for each team member at your booth, or 30 percent of the total booth area).

While you are gathering all the materials for your booth, be sure to confirm installation and dismantling schedule so that you can stay on your timeline with ease.

trade show booth design
Source: David Fox

Marketing Collateral

Your follow-up packets, business cards and incentives are the guts of your booth. As attractive as a booth may be, it’s eye-catching design is what pulls people in and it’s your content and product that keeps people interested. Here is a list of marketing collateral and other important information to keep on hand for your exhibit:

  • Gather display products and literature.
  • Keep a copy of all orders and checks for services paid in advance.
  • Phone numbers of all vendors.
  • Insurance documents.
  • Engineering certificate for exhibit.
  • Shipping manifest.
  • Return shipping labels.
  • All team member badges.
  • Additional badge forms.

The day has come and you’ve prepared for your tradeshow well in advance. Good work! Upon arrival, check on the status of your shipment and check with the tradeshow and your hotel about staff reservations, meeting rooms and catering, especially if you’re holding a meeting or hosting a session at the tradeshow. Supervise your booth setup and hold a staff pre-show briefing so everyone’s on the same page.

With this template of a checklist, you’re ready to build your business and earn some contacts with a booth as beautiful as you are prepared.