Businesses receive nearly 34 billion calls every year from people who place a call from a mobile search ad. These calls are on the rise and will surpass 162 billion by 2019, according to BIA/Kelsey. This presents a huge opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers — but only if they’re ready to make the most of these calls.

In their recent Call Intelligence Index, Invoca analyzed more than 30 million phone calls to businesses to understand what motivates people to call a business. Here are five reasons consumers are picking up the phone, in addition to tips on what you can do to encourage more valuable phone interactions with your customers:

  1. They want a quick response. 75 percent of consumers say a phone call is the quickest way to get a response, according to New Voice Media. Make sure your phone number is highly visible and easily accessible or you will lose out on inbound calls.
  2. They want to talk it through. The average call duration is four minutes and seven seconds. When it comes to purchases that are on the pricier side or require careful consideration, consumers need to talk through their options and get their questions answered. Once you’ve had a high-quality interaction, don’t let it fizzle out. Follow up the conversation with relevant, targeted marketing emails based on what happened during the phone call. This could be anything from a friendly follow-up to an upsell or discount offer. 
  3. They’re searching online. 70 percent of phone calls come from digital marketing channels. Invoca found that mobile search drove 45 percent of all calls and desktop search drove nine percent of calls. Knowing which of your campaigns are driving high-converting calls will help you spend your marketing budget on the campaigns that are actually paying off.
  4. They’ve done their research. 52 percent of people who connect with a business after a mobile search do so over the phone, according to Luma Partners, and Google reports 61 percent of mobile searchers say click to call is most valuable in the purchase phase. Consumers are more educated than ever and often pick up the phone with specific questions in mind and when they’re ready to purchase. Knowing where a customer is in the purchase phase and what marketing campaigns they’ve interacted with will help you make the most of each and every phone call. The more your sales reps know about the person on the other end of the line, the more likely they are to close the deal. 
  5. They realize it’s sometimes easier to use their mobile phones as phones. Inbound calls are on the rise: Invoca has seen nearly a 40 percent increase in calls across industries in 2014 and 75 percent of all calls to business originated on a mobile phone. Be sure to make a mobile friendly version of your site and take advantage of click to call features on your search ads and website. Not only will potential customers appreciate the convenience, but Google’s recent Mobilegeddon will bury your website deeper in Google search if it is not mobile-friendly.

Customers want to reach your business over the phone. Knowing more about how your customers want to get in touch with you and providing those opportunities is a crucial part of your business strategy. In this case, you’ve got to be ready to answer the call.