partners-imageWhat better way to market – and grow – your business than to win partners? Partnerships open doors to networking, reselling and collaborating with leading companies in your industry – businesses focused on expanding their technological expertise and delivering leading solutions to clients. Partner programs give you access to tremendous resources, tools and marketplace positioning, balanced with exceptional connections in diverse sales channels – not to mention the prominence of driving a flagship technology to an exclusive audience. Plus, partner programs develop and support brand ambassadors!

Think establishing a partner program is not for you? Think again. Partner programs grow your business by leveraging your expertise, while at the same time elevating an attractive technology to a wide audience. Partners bring your business limitless technology expertise and marketing opportunities. Partner programs allow you to bring your technology to a wider customer base – providing more solutions to more businesses with greater bundled expertise.

Many technology leaders maintain strong partner programs that not only drive their technologies forward, but elevate the efficiencies, functionalities and productivity levels of their markets.

Who’s doing it? Hubspot’s Partner Program delivers the knowledge and strategy of inbound marketing to the masses. Adobe’s Partner Connection is ideal for resellers focused on selling and supporting Adobe’s digital media products and solutions, specifically to companies focused on expanding creative marketing and design endeavors. Miles Technologies offers its BUSINESS Partner Program focused on Business Productivity Software (BPS) and all aspects of empowering businesses to leverage technology to become more productive and profitable. The Intuit QuickBooks Partner Program is exclusively available for web and IT enabling businesses and consultants for Intuit’s flagship product, QuickBooks.

Developing a partner program strategy is a serious commitment to your technology platform – and your industry. You must give your partner candidates every opportunity for success with targeted and informative training materials and continuous support. Training materials could include everything from webinars to online courses to white papers, manuals and even on-site events.

Worry not, the benefits of establishing a partner program strategy far outweigh the initial pains of formalizing your partner program. Once in place, your partner program will embody your expertise, proficiency and technological leadership – an inspiration to your future partner community.

touch- tablet in handsHere’s 3 ways a partner program will absolutely market – and grow – your tech business in 2015.

Market Awareness: Establishing a partner program for your technologies and services elevates market awareness of the benefits your expertise delivers. With a partner program established, your technology will expand throughout your market thanks to the sales channels and industry connections of your devoted partners. Your partners will support your technology – and in doing so better support their clients.

Smart Scalability: Partner programs bridge the gap between your technology and your technology’s market acceptance and saturation. Partners have a complete grasp of the benefits of your technology and they convey these benefits to their clients. With the expert training and ongoing support you provide to your partners, your technology will reach the masses in the most efficient and cost effective way possible thanks to the established sales channels and industry connections of your partner community. Your technology will be elevated to new heights – and all thanks to the dedication you gave to establishing a comprehensive partner program strategy.

Rapid Network Expansion: Imagine having a small army of sales professionals and experienced market consultants carrying your technology to a national market? Imagine being a thought leader in your technological field – a technology innovator of influence. Imagine stimulating – even awakening – a new field of technological productivity and opportunity for thousands of businesses and enterprises. With an insightful and influential partner program in place, your business can accomplish all of the above. Thanks to your savvy and motivated partners, your own sales and marketing network will expand rapidly, solidifying your technological leadership and market prominence. Results: Brand Awareness. Market leadership. Business growth.

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