Holiday Marketing Strategy in 2015

After you have invested much in festive display ads, getting the subject lines correct and planning attractive promotions, your marketing strategy should push for more holiday marketing revenue. Now with the year going to hand balance execution with optimization.

Digital marketers should now gear up fast because Christmas is near and the holiday season can actually add immeasurably to your company bottom lines. Here are the top strategies that one can implement as part of the holiday marketing initiative:

1. Smart Display Ads with the Right Approach

Take a look at the ads you have been running so far this holiday season, and see how you can get the most out of your advertising dollars. Analyse the entire campaign data for the right optimization of display ads and devise campaigns based on prospect’s behavioural trends during the holiday season.

Assess your holiday advertising spend and the products that you are introducing along with the early response. If you can make customers happy with holiday deals, you will always have a loyal customer base to capitalize in the New Year.

2. Get more Sales out of Promotions

Market research might help you devise great promotions, but sales might not perform to your expectations. Hence one should assess the company prospect data to identify the right discount offers that can generate the best revenue. Extend promotions only if the resultant margins are good enough. Announce promotions that can actually lead into another week with better sales.

In situations where promotions are not doing well, identify strategies that can boost the campaign and make it more attractive. One should get the holiday products and services done before end of December, including Christmas-based products so make sure that your site presents those products prominently on the landing page.

3. Engage Shoppers after they Leave the Site

If you have engagement features as part of your ecommerce site, it will help you identify those who have abandoned the site. Engage them with relevant promotions.

By setting up the right criteria filters in cart content, value, geolocation and also the mobile device, marketers can offer relevant discount offers that can prompt them to complete their purchase.

4. Tailor Emails to Retain Customers

Big online retailers regularly face high shopping cart abandonment up to 76%. A huge amount of time and money is put in email campaigns to get back lost customers. Digital marketers can then judge room for optimizations and devise campaigns based on the same.

Are you finding that the desired open rates are dropping consistently? Try tweaking the email content, subject line, the sending details, and the like. Do send messages consistently on a periodic basis so that you can prompt a prospect to complete their purchase.

Keep the engagement strategy consistently even after the holiday season, thanking the visitors and the buyers with a short thank you email and a discount on the next purchase so that they feel rewarded.

5. Target Last Minute Shoppers

During the December month, shoppers are wary of the issue of items not reaching them on time for the occasion. There are chances that people would abandon more when closer to the date of the occasion. Promote these days as free shipping days or a promise to deliver the products in less days than the average to retain such customers.

Deals of the week and flash sales are great when creating promotions. As the shopping deadline looms, gift cards will help you to gain much as part of holiday sales. Great gift cards can be useful for all the last minute shoppers.

To get the required competitive edge over other sites, one should spend on allocating display ad resources and re-engagement too. Acting on shopper data can tremendously boost the holiday season.

6. Execute, Execute, Execute

Even if you are too late to be in board to create and allocate your budget for your holiday strategy, just make sure that the spending is effective and in the right place.

The holiday shopping season is extremely dynamic and one might have to shift funds unexpectedly to make things work. Even if you have plans for specific days, try to retarget again on the coming day so that you can convince those who have left due to some reason.

The Bottom Line

Holidays are a great time to check out some cool email marketing ideas. One can send mails of all types without fear since they would not alienate your audience. Use this time to segment your audience but do not go overboard.

Extend your plans as you deem fit based on your testing and implement them. Do not leave it for the next season. The trends change drastically every time!