Teamwork is everything in sports.

And it plays a big role in nature.

Account Based Marketing is a team effort

A successful account-based effort is both resource-intensive, and cross-functional. Like sports, and in nature, the team you choose will make, or break, your early ABM efforts and could be what sets you up for success, or ultimately holds you back.

The core Account Based Marketing team typically includes:

  • Account executive and sales team member
  • Solutions and services consultants / delivery personnel
  • Marketing representatives from solutions, industry, communications, and field teams
  • Professional service and support organizations

Here’s a bit more about the specific roles and corresponding responsibilities:


Account Marketer
  • Spearheads the ABM project
  • Helps collect insight
  • Runs the initial ABM alignment process
  • Develops customized value propositions, messaging docs and playbooks
  • Orchestrates all marketing interactions
  • Tracks the metrics and communicates the program’s successes
  • Becomes a Trusted Educator
Account Executive and sales team members
  • Manages relationship with Executive Sponsor
  • Responsible for driving the plan forward with the team and at the account
  • Team meetings with internal staff and with the customer
  • Helps shape the ABM strategy and each account plan
  • Aligns all conversations around account needs
  • Becomes the customer’s Trusted Advisor
Sales Development Reps
  • Helps research the account and build contacts
  • Reaches out to the account to build relationships
  • Crafts account-specific emails and messages
  • Nurtures relationships over time
  • Supports the account executive as needed
Solutions consultants /
delivery personnel
  • Provides insight into what’s happening at the influencer and operational level
  • Ensures the ‘technical/operational’ programs and messages are relevant and resonating
  • Provides trusted information to the customer
Field Marketer
  • Works with the ABM marketers to execute campaigns at the local level
Corporate Marketer
  • Works with the ABM marketer to collaborate on corporate communications and campaigns
  • Understands what to customize for the customer and what programs can be included in the account’s communication strategy
Industry Marketer
  • Provides insight into the industry view
Product Management / Marketer
  • Provides product roadmap insights to the account team and/or customer
  • Works with the ABM team to understand if custom solutions are required and what’s possible
Professional Services
  • Similar to the Solutions/Delivery personnel
  • The PS team typically has more insight into howthe technology is used, what works, what doesn’t and is incredibly valuable on the ABM team
  • Can help with how to ‘get the most’ out of current investments/technology from your company
Support Representative
  • Provides reports and can escalate support items when they become consequential to customer satisfaction scores

More than Marketing

You’ll notice these roles are way broader than just the Marketing department. It covers Sales and Marketing, pre-sales and post-sales. That’s why we like to talk about Account Based Everything (ABE), not just Account Based Marketing.

What roles are on your ABE team?