increase your revenue with inbound marketingMarkets are changing fast – and specialist agencies and marketing companies are adept at developing finely tuned strategies to supply the new demand for online lead management, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search optimisation and more.  It’s this expertise that helps SMEs to stay competitive on a global scale, whilst relying on good value and transparent accountability. So what are the key pros and cons to outsourcing your marketing?

The Advantages

It helps to have the experts on your side

One of the major benefits of outsourcing to a high quality integrated marketing agency is that your choice puts a team of experienced and expert people at your disposal. A good agency will be able to apply their specialist knowledge to your business – and will know how best to build in the newer methods right for your market, whether that is mobile advertising, Adwords or targeted email marketing.

Why go for everyday technology when you can have the latest?

A good marketing agency will have access to specialist information technology packages to coordinate and maintain your marketing strategy. These will help save costs and also ensure you connect with potential customers in the most effective way. Plus, you’ll benefit from transparency and accountability. This resource will also mean you stay up to date, as and when new marketing channels emerge – all helping you to stay in the lead.

Think bottom line, not cutting corners 

Initially, a business can find that starting work with a marketing agency involves some time and costs for briefings, discussions and meetings. But this is an investment which, done right, helps to create a well-planned and successful marketing strategy. Outsourcing marketing also frees up time and labour in your company to keep the focus on your core business. Research has shown that working with an effective agency is more cost effective than an in-house approach, although internal resources are initially vital to the process. In fact, agencies with a slick inbound approach are 60% more cost effective than an inhouse team.

The Disadvantages

Risk of cost 

Adopting outsourced marketing can be costly if the approach is sporadic and uncoordinated. Fail to invest time in proper planning and you can end up with stop-start bursts of activity – leading to a far greater cumulative cost than an effectively maintained strategy.

Risk of inconsistency 

Another risk associated with failing to plan initially is ending up with marketing output that doesn’t properly reflect the needs or identity of your company. Working closely with a good marketing agency should support your marketing strategy with a process that is appropriate, repeatable and transparent.

Choosing the wrong agency

Don’t get into bed with the wrong agency. Wrong means an agency that lacks the all-important capacity and capability to meet your needs. Or one that isn’t focused on your goals. So make sure that the agency you choose has the right mix of values, vision – and that it can verify that it genuinely has the experience and expertise to grow your business.