Whether you’re standing out in your thermals and snow boots or daisy dukes and a crop top, you can rock your outdoor event with these trade show booth must-haves. Attract an audience regardless of the weather with a customized trade show booth design and these outdoor event marketing must-haves.

outdoor banner stands and flags
Image credit: www.nationaltradeshowdisplays.com

When you’re surrounded by nature or buildings, there can be a lot to look at and you need to try even harder to have your booth or space stand out. One of the best ways to literally flag people down is with customized flags or banner stands. Its versatility makes it perfect for many applications. Whether it’s an event, a trade show or a small-scale presentation, a banner stand can serve as a summary of your brand or as a complement to a larger graphic popup exhibit. Best of all, you can easily update your message or banner stand graphics as your business evolves.

Educational Material

Including something like an iPad Display Stand will help people see demos of your product at work and allow people to connect with your brand through social media. Ensure that your booth has a flow to it where you greet people and walk them in and out while engaging them in a worthwhile experience. Other booth accessories like a literature rack will draw visual interest and provide something of value for people to take home—like a brochure, a magazine and more.


It’s an outdoor event so cater to your audience based on the weather. Is it a hot summer day? Offer free water bottles and water bowls for dogs, if pets are allowed. Are you out on a colder day? Offer self-warming hand packets or a hot cup of free coffee. Something fun like yo-yos can also be a crowd pleaser.

Vehicle Wraps

If you’re doing a lot of local trade shows or events within driving distance, then you already have a great advertising opportunity: your car! Your vehicle usually stays within close proximity of your booth so why not use it as added advertising space?

Photo credit: www.globerunner.com

Cohesive Messaging

Elevate your brand and generate sales with consistency and attractive design. Your banner stands, vehicle wraps and more can only do so much without the right messaging. Be sure to:

  • Clearly state who you are, what you do and why your product is a necessity.
  • Integrate your exhibit design with your website, brochures, ads, email etc.
  • Put fewer words on your exhibit graphics and make each word bigger – this increases engagement and memorability.
  • Focus on your new and popular products, instead of cramming your entire inventory into one booth.
  • Integrate technology—connect your booth to a memorable experience by offering demos or providing a way for people to connect with your brand socially.

What have you found to be successful with your outdoor event marketing? What are your trade show booth best practices?