marketing is a mess, be visible, betsy kent

The week after Thanksgiving is traditionally very hectic. Everyone has woke to the fact that the year is almost over and there’s much to be done – like planning for the next year.

If you’re looking at your marketing, you have a lot of decisions to make.

Should you drop Facebook? Or keep Facebook and run ads? Run ads in Messenger? Set-up up a new LinkedIn business page? Advertise on LinkedIn? Do AdWords? Publish more blogs? Dig into Instagram? Pin more on Pinterest? Tweet? Email blasts? Funnels?

Or just forget it!

I had a conversation the other day with one of my clients who’s in the local chapter of a prestigious organization for successful female business owners (must have revenues over 1M). I was shocked when she told me that everyone in her group recently had the same thing to say about their marketing:

“It’s a mess.”

Let’s face it. Marketing (and networking) is where you try to tell your story in a way that the right people will listen. It’s what you say that counts more than where you say it. So, the reason many businesses feel like their marketing is a mess is because they’re focused on tactics. They haven’t yet done the background work to get totally clear about every characteristic of their most valuable customers. Especially how they think.

What if you knew exactly what to say to that would make your ideal customers listen, remember, and react?

Good? OK, here’s some help:

Right this second make a list of precisely how your ideal customer would describe how she feels before she finds your business. Use her own words, not yours.

For example, don’t write, “I desire to harness the power of being a single woman and fully embrace the existence I have accepted.” That could be a powerful statement, but I doubt that’s what would come out of anyone’s mouth. It’s what I call marketing-speak.

What would this woman say instead? Think about it.

When your marketing messages are in your customers’ own words, they immediately get that you get them. Listen, if you can nail this you’ll find out how incredibly effective it can be. You’ll know exactly which platforms to use, too.

And your marketing won’t be a mess!

Here’s the good news – (you knew this was coming ;). I’m an expert in this stuff. I am really, really good at helping businesses become totally clear about their ideal customers. And create marketing messages so people will listen, remember, and react.

I’ve helped umpteen companies accomplish it and I can help you.

So, if you’re ready to stop stressing about which platforms to use and ready to learn how to tell your story in a way that your ideal customers will listen AND respond, why not set up a free 30-min. call with me?

I promise to tell you something about your ideal customer that you never thought of before.

(And you can take it from there.)