The “Oreo Dunk Challenge”

Oreo recently reaped huge rewards when they got the public participating in a fun and trendy ad campaign on social media.

Oreo’s freshly launched “Oreo Dunk Challenge” sweepstakes encourages contestants to post pictures and video of themselves dunking an Oreo cookie into a glass of milk. The content needs to be shared on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #OreoDunkSweepstakes in order to qualify for the sweepstakes, and the participants have a chance to win $2000 and a VIP trip to the “Oreo Celebrity Dunk.”

In order to yield maximum benefit from the campaign, Oreo hired social media influencers to submit their best dunks.

An influencer with a large following, actor John Peck, used his high energy and witty personality to capture an amazing dunk. He employed the stunt to communicate his own successes in life and suggest that ‘anything is possible.’


David Lopez hits it out of the park with originality and his talent for smart humor, making for a very entertaining ad.

With over 1 million followers on Instagram, Danielle Jones managed to get over 300,000 views on her Oreo dunk challenge post. Alongside creativity and humor, she decided to stay relevant with an ad that caters to the growing fitness and health trend. Her description reads “work hard and treat yourself.”

When you want the cookies but also got to work for it. Work hard and treat yourself! Check out my @oreo running dunk for the #OREODunkSweepstakes. Post your own dunk for a chance to win! Check out for more #sponsored

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Oreo has obtained a trove of organic content and interest from their ad campaign. They are a strong example of how sweepstakes and influencer marketing can combined to help a brand’s message reach and influence a larger number of people.

Please share your thoughts, and if you’ve made an Oreo Dunk Challenge, please share a link to your video too.